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ISS VMS and Analytics Ingenuity Validated by Multiple Patents

Innovation in Character Recognition, Gauge Dial Monitoring and Camera Dewarping Enable New Capabilities Across Multiple Market Verticals

Woodbridge, NJ (February 19, 2019) – ISS – Intelligent Security Systems – has pragmatically engineered a unique position in the Video Management System (VMS) category driven by the company’s documented innovations in analytics. The combination of ISS’ powerful SecurOS™ VMS with numerous natively developed analytics solutions provides users across a multitude of business categories and applications with unique capabilities. This unique level of embedded system intelligence continues to be validated by multiple patents awarded to ISS for advanced analytics.

“ISS has taken a unique approach to VMS system development by seamlessly integrating our exclusive analytics and innovative SecurOS VMS platform to deliver solutions that resolve users’ longstanding and emerging needs,” said Aluisio Figueiredo, CEO of Intelligent Security Systems. “This unique combination of VMS and analytics expertise not only detects and documents events, it provides the rich data necessary to analyze what may otherwise be perceived as disparate events, so management can be alerted to impending threats, abnormalities or policy/municipal violations. At ISS, we refer to it as ‘intelligent video defined.’”

New patents awarded to ISS for analytics innovations in recent years include:

  • Systems and methods for recognizing symbols in images for LPR/ANPR applications– methods or arrangements for reading or recognizing printed or written characters or for recognizing patterns, e.g. fingerprints using printed characters having additional code marks or containing code marks, e.g. the character being composed of individual strokes of different shape, each representing a different code value.
  • Systems and methods for evaluating readings of gauge dials
  • Systems and methods for recognizing symbols
  • Systems and methods for dewarping images – interpolation-based scaling, e.g. bilinear interpolation
  • Systems and methods for dewarping images – panospheric to cylindrical image transformation

For detailed information on ISS’ complete patent portfolio, please visit the United States Patent and Trademark Office website at

For more information about ISS, visit, or email [email protected]

About ISS – Intelligent Security Systems

ISS – Intelligent Security Systems headquartered in Woodbridge, NJ, and with offices worldwide, is a leader in video management and video analytics software. ISS provides a comprehensive line of digital security and surveillance video solutions which are on the forefront of on-demand security, allowing for centralized command and control of an entire enterprise security network.

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