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New SecurOS™ Crossroad Traffic Violation Detection Solution

Delivers Higher Accuracy, Improving Safety and Revenues

Innovative Solution Provides Real-Time Traffic Violation Detection Tied to LPR

Las Vegas, NV (April 10, 2019) – ISS – Intelligent Security Systems, a leading provider of intelligent VMS and native analytics globally, is demonstrating its new SecurOS Crossroad Traffic Violation Detection Solution here at ISC West 2019 (booth #28073). The new solution combines specifically engineered analytics-driven software and hardware to provide real-time detection of complex traffic violations with the unparalleled identification accuracy of ISS’ highly acclaimed license plate recognition (LPR) analytics.

“Our new SecurOS™ Crossroad Traffic Violation Detection Solution provides numerous unique benefits. It provides extreme accuracy in terms of detecting complex traffic violations while precisely identifying the vehicle committing the violation. In addition to improving pedestrian and vehicular traffic safety, SecurOS™ Crossroad provides municipalities with a new source of revenue,” said Shawn Mather, Director of Sales for U.S., ISS. “Our commitment to develop innovative software solutions built on advanced Artificial Neural Network (ANN) technologies with partners like Intel® enables ISS to deliver the highest levels of vehicle identification accuracy.”

The new SecurOS™ Crossroad Traffic Violation Detection Solution is powered by ISS’ SecurOS™ Auto ANPR (Automatic License Plate Recognition) to provide real-time detection of complex traffic violations with highly accurate identification of the vehicle committing the infringement. SecurOS™ Crossroad monitors multiple vehicles and pedestrian behavior at intersections and potentially hazardous roadways. The turnkey solution automatically detects vehicles that run red lights and stop-signs, are travelling in the wrong direction, not following road signs or yielding to pedestrians, and various other violations.

SecurOS™ Crossroad Traffic Violation Detection Solution is supplied with processing housed in an environmentally-protected, ready to mount enclosure which integrates with existing traffic hardware such as stoplight controllers. The turnkey solution also includes ISS’ high resolution IP67 rated waterproof IP-camera specifically designed for traffic systems surveillance applications which is equipped with a motorized zoom lens that’s configurable for infrared or white-light illuminators.

Designed to seamlessly integrate with Safe City systems, SecurOS™ Crossroad also generates detailed traffic statistics data, which can be used in municipalities’ traffic management systems. This latest addition to the ISS portfolio of natively developed analytics is based on the company’s recently enhanced SecurOS v.10 Video Management System (VMS).

SecurOS™ Crossroad Traffic Violation Detection Solution will be available in April 2019.

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