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ISS Enhances SecurOS™ VMS and Analytics Solutions with Advanced Cluster Technology

Natively Embedded on All SecurOS Solutions for Failover and Failback Functionality

Chicago, IL (September 10, 2019) – ISS – Intelligent Security Systems, a leading provider of intelligent VMS and native analytics globally, is showcasing its new SecurOS™ Cluster Technology here at GSX 2019 in meeting room #2755. The natively developed solution provides advanced failover and failback server functionality to ensure that critical video data is neither interrupted nor lost due to a server failure.

“The ability to deliver reliable, consistent video surveillance is as much a compliance issue as it is a security issue,” said Shawn Mather, Director of Sales for U.S., ISS. “ISS’ natively developed SecurOS Cluster Technology is embedded across our VMS and analytics portfolio to ensure these systems perform with the highest levels of stability even in the event of multiple server failures.”

In the event a physical server fails, the SecurOS Cluster becomes a virtual portable entity, no longer attached to hardware, and automatically migrates operations to a single or multiple standby servers providing both failover and failback functionality. By supporting various configurations ranging from a 2+1 server configuration to several dozens of servers, SecurOS Cluster is designed to prevent any data loss, security management process shutdown, or video archive loss resulting from a server outage.  

The recovery time of the SecurOS Cluster video server on the backup node is 30-120 seconds, during which time operators can view live video using multicast broadcast. SecurOS Cluster also supports the ability to restore archived data from the camera’s SD-card via SecurOS EdgeStorage Sync technology.

SecurOS Cluster is an embedded feature across ISS’ entire suite of SecurOS VMS and analytics solutions. Users do not need to purchase and use any third-party virtualization or clustering software to take advantage of the SecurOS Cluster failover and failback server solution.

View our video on SecurOS Cluster technology.

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ISS – Intelligent Security Systems headquartered in Woodbridge, NJ, and with offices worldwide, is a leader in video management and video analytics software. ISS provides a comprehensive line of digital security and surveillance video solutions which are on the forefront of on-demand security, allowing for centralized command and control of an entire enterprise security network.

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