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Face recognition as a credential is the perfect solution for physical security and access control, accessing computers and specialized equipment.

Facial recognition continues to gain traction across multiple categories of devices and is one of the most rapidly deployed solutions highly accurate personal identification and authentication.

Aside from its extreme accuracy over most non-invasive identity authentication solution, it is virtually irreproducible, making it impossible to copy. Using face as a credential also eliminates the costs and security risks associated with lost or stolen credentials. Face recognition is also non-invasive and touchless, making it an ideal solution given new concerns and challenges to prevent the spread of infection or harmful natural or engineered contagions. 

So why not use face recognition for access control?

Face as a credential provides the perfect solution for physical security and access control, accessing computers and operation of specialized equipment and devices. It is also seamless for workforce management applications like time and attendance, especially where large workforces are employed at remote locations such as construction sites, agricultural and mining operations. And then there’s health safety. Having the ability to identify individuals whether they are wearing or not wearing masks can help enforce new and evolving government and corporate compliance mandates.

Until most recently, the problem has been that most face recognition solutions just didn’t cut it. They were unreliable, had limited read ranges and capabilities, and were too slow to accommodate high volume environments like multi-tenant office buildings and complexes or factory entrances – especially during typical business hours and shift changes.

ISS resolves all these issues with our SecurOS™ FaceX facial recognition solution. FaceX delivers the ability to identify and match faces with greater versatility. Our exclusive technology resolves longstanding challenges for facial recognition related to camera viewing angles, facial expressions and diverse lighting conditions, providing for a far greater range of identity matches and authentication.

FaceX compares captured images against databases of known individuals, or faces captured from video streams, expanding the use of facial recognition to search for individuals during unfolding events. Searches can also be conducted by specific facial features against multiple watchlists and a virtually unlimited database of facial images. FaceX also supports multi-factor authentication for implementation with access control systems.

Built using Advanced Neural Network (ANN) technology from our partners at Intel, FaceX delivers a whole new host of features and capabilities. In addition to expanding facial detection to include profile images, FaceX can clarify a database search based on specific face features such as age, gender and ethnicity, as well as by hair color, the presence of facial hair, glasses, headwear and bald patches. You can even conduct image database searches using a photo or screen shot. And its infinitely scalable to accommodate global enterprises.

Adopting face recognition for use as an access control credential makes perfect sense both from a performance and cost-efficiency perspective. Our team of face recognition systems specialists welcome the opportunity to show you just how efficient and effective face as a credential can be for your organization

I invite you to visit ISS to learn more and to download our free whitepaper.

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