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Faces as credentials are
frictionless, secure, and fast

Why Faces are Superior Access Control Credentials

Facial recognition as a credential is the ideal solution for organizations looking to deploy the most current, accurate, and rapid technology while simultaneously enhancing the user experience in a variety of health-safety applications.

From unlocking mobile phones to identifying criminals on the run, facial recognition technology continues to be deployed in a variety of use cases that require the utmost level of personal identification and authentication. It is therefore no surprise that facial recognition is being widely adopted as the superior form of access control credential. Faces as access control credentials offer numerous benefits that ID badges, passwords, proximity cards, mobile devices, and other biometrics simply cannot.

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SecurOS™ FaceX facial recognition system from ISS integrates with a variety of Access Control Systems (ACSs) to turn any person’s face into their credential. Faces can be used as either a standalone solution for access or with other credentials for added security as a source for multifactor authentication. Every application of FaceX is unique and scalable, allowing organizations to take advantage of facial recognition technology where it matters most, whether at the door or beyond.

The securing of resources such as people, data, and physical assets is just one of many use cases that requires the highest degree of identity authentication. FaceX as a credential offers this high degree of authentication while simultaneously proving why faces are superior access control credentials.

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Faces are Frictionless

When a person’s face is their credential, there is no need to touch anything in order to receive access. No keypads to enter PIN codes on, no fingerprint readers to touch, and no phones or handheld credentials to scan. Users need only glance at a reader, and, with the proper permissions, the door is unlocked. This reduction in touch surfaces reduces the potential spread of germs and harmful bacteria, therefore promoting a safe and healthful workplace.

Because FaceX seamlessly integrates with existing access control systems, organizations can replace their access control touch points without having to rip-and-replace an entire system. Establishing a touchless access process also keeps a facility’s employees and visitors moving, since people are no longer stopping to find their physical credential or type in their PIN code. Not only does a frictionless access experience limit close contact and promote social distancing, but also provides operational efficiencies by reducing wait times at entry points.

FaceX is Accurate and Fast

FaceX utilizes Advanced Neural Network (ANN) algorithms and AI technology from Intel® to deliver accurate, fast results. Using the latest Intel® technology, FaceX maintains accuracy under a variety of variables related to camera viewing angles, facial expressions, and lighting conditions, providing for a far greater range of identity matches and authentication when compared to other biometric solutions. Having a high percentage of correct recognitions is essential in an access control situation, making FaceX one of the most reliable facial recognition solutions for access control available today.

Intel®’s ANN algorithms also allow for extremely fast processing. In the case of facial recognition as an access control credential, the entire FaceX process of facial detection, recognition, and access occurs in less than 500ms. Fast processing also equates to a fast enrollment process, whether when enrolling new users or leveraging an existing database.

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Faces Can’t Be Lost, Forgotten, or Stolen

Unlike physical access control credentials, a user can’t forget their face at home or drop their face in the parking lot. A user’s face is always with them and with nothing to carry, there is nothing to lose, forget, or steal. Replacing lost or solen credentials such as badges or key fobs is costly, not to mention an administrative hassle. Organizations that solely rely on facial recognition as an access control credential eliminate the manual tasks associated with printing, issuing, and re-issuing physical credentials.

Lost or stolen credentials also pose a significant security risk. Organizations looking to enforce a zero-trust environment may have a hard time doing so when physical access credentials are easily lost, stolen, and shared, often without the owner even knowing. The loss of physical credentials due to theft or carelessness places an undue burden on security administrators who must stop their workday to restrict the lost credential’s access then issue a new credential. Such problems are eliminated entirely when facial recognition is the single source of truth for an access control system.

FaceX is Secure

Some facial recognition systems are easily fooled by hackers or bad actors who hold an image or video of an authorized user up to the camera in an attempt at gaining access. FaceX offers a special anti-spoofing feature designed to detect and thwart these attempts. The FaceX solution checks for and determines image liveliness, looking for signs that identify an image as being printed or originating from a mobile device. If an image is deemed to be spoofed, FaceX will refuse access and trigger alarms notifying system administrators.

Furthermore, facial recognition as an access control credential only works if a user consents to being enrolled in the system. Such consent should eliminate potential privacy concerns, but FaceX takes personal privacy one step further by storing faces as proprietary numeric code within their encrypted database, reassuring users their facial profile is not able to be used in cases outside of the system. The FaceX system also utilizes an encrypted and secure login process to prevent unauthorized access to the system and database. All users’ personal data is further encrypted both while in transit and at rest.

When compared to other credentials such as physical or mobile credentials, facial recognition is the clear standout when it comes to facilitating a zero-trust environment. The SecurOS™ FaceX facial recognition system provides highly accurate, secure, and frictionless face-as-a-credential capabilities to access control systems, new or existing. Organizations looking to deploy FaceX and facial recognition as a credential can expect increased operational efficiencies, decreased administrative tasks, and a streamlined access process.

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