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Yes! Existing Cameras
Can Support FAAC

Video surveillance systems are now ubiquitous across the security industry, employed across business, educational, and government facilities, and even in private residences. Many, if not most, of these systems are now based on digital video and use Ethernet connections for fast, efficient installation and upgrades.

At the same time, facial recognition continues to gain traction and share because it delivers highly accurate personal identification and authentication. Because it is broadly used now in devices as common as mobile phones, many of the initial concerns about its use have eased. Users are more comfortable using edge applications such as mobile phones, and locally controlled applications such as registering for access to one’s workplace.

The availability of video systems, and the increasing acceptance of facial recognition as a fast and highly accurate identity authentication tool, naturally lead to the question – can existing cameras and camera systems support FAAC (Face as a Credential) applications? 

The short answer is a resounding YES!

In other blog posts, we have covered why FAAC is such a powerful solution for access control, facility safety and security. Current facial recognition technology from ISS is a highly accurate identity authentication solution. Using face as a credential eliminates the costs and security risks associated with lost or stolen credentials. Face recognition is also non-invasive and touchless, making it an ideal solution given new concerns and challenges to prevent the spread of infection or harmful natural or engineered contagions. 

To deliver accurate facial recognition, facial images must merely be of sufficient resolution and visible enough for the AI algorithms to detect the necessary features. Current camera systems are well capable of delivering suitable images as long as the ambient lighting and viewing angles meet the minimum thresholds.

Until recently, limitations on facial recognition performance placed extensive demands on the lighting, angles, and other setup factors – and most face recognition systems provided by others just couldn’t deliver unless all the factors were ideal. That’s not a recipe for success in the real world of high volume environments like multi-tenant office buildings and complexes or factory entrances.

ISS resolved all these issues with our SecurOS™ FaceX facial recognition solution. Built using Advanced Neural Network (ANN) technology from our partners at Intel, FaceX delivers a whole new level of reliable performance, and a host of features and capabilities.

For example, our exclusive technology built into FaceX resolves longstanding challenges for facial recognition related to camera viewing angles, facial expressions and diverse lighting conditions, providing for a far greater range of identity matches and authentication in the real world of FAAC.

Adopting FAAC makes perfect sense both from a performance and cost-efficiency perspective. And the fact that it can be added to existing video surveillance systems and entrance video systems means that upgrading your access control system is easier than ever. Contact us today to see how your system can be improved by implementing FAAC.

I invite you to visit ISS to learn more and to download our free whitepaper.

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