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Improved Safety at Steel Plant

Severstal Steel is a leading steel producer focusing on high value-added flat steel products. Located in north-west Russia, the division’s steel operations have convenient rail access to its customers as well as its mining supplies and Baltic Sea ports. Raw materials, a broad product mix and an extensive distribution network all add to its competitive advantage.

In line with company-wide policy of Severstal, security and safety has become a top priority at all stages of its production activities as a basis for sustainable development and long-term business success. Goals that the company has set include: implementation of international best practices in the region to become the safest company in the country with regards to injuries. This goal was to be adopted and implemented by all legal organisations of Severstal.

To achieve these goals, Severstal launched the company-wide project in 2010 called ‘Occupational Safety and Health’, an integral part of their business system. Its development was led by one of the leading consulting agencies globally, Ernst & Young (CIS). The structure of the project included three main components:

• The creation of a safe working environment (with the exception of conditions conducive to security breaches),

• Adoption of safer behaviour, which involved employees actively participating in the project, and

• The auditors, Ernst & Young, conducted a thorough analysis of the corporation’s performance – from basic management to areas of future development and growth opportunities.

The following steps were carried out as part of the development and introduction of techniques aimed at solving problems in all three components and towards developing specific ways to monitor compliance with security measures and implementing the project on-site. The company was drawn to the ISS (Intelligent Security Systems) video management system (VMS), as well as its SecurOS video analytic solution. ISS has a proven history of success with industrial safety corporations on a global level.

The ISS solution

For continuous monitoring of the use of personal protective equipment, developers created a customised solution for Severstal. SecurOS video analysis, in conjunction with strategically placed video surveillance cameras, allows the detection of production staff not wearing protective head gear in required areas. The analytic software developed observes, records and transmits alarm messages to the security service company and lets them know if any employee is in violation of the safety policy.

Security promptly receives information about any violation, such as: place, time, and relevant video footage. They then have the ability to respond to the violations and follow internal protocol. In addition to rapid alerts, all received events are logged into the system, which allows the company to obtain statistics of specific violations.

Safety overall has improved at the plant due to the deployment of such security measures. Production staff are well aware that they must wear their helmets or infractions will be detected by the surveillance system that can result in termination of employment. With the help of SecurOS technology, the bar has been raised for safety at the plant, with an automated, cost-efficient, and effective solution.

ISS Africa, headed up by Eugene Kayat, will be focusing on Africa-wide expansion in the coming year.


Source: Hi-Tech Security Magazine