SecurOS™ brings a new analytic to address the needs of changing times. As our world changes, we are quick to respond to new requirements that surround us. COVID-19 has created a new landscape and with it, facilities and people have found themselves living in a new world. ISS has responded to these changes and has engineered a new solution that addresses the needs of any facility manager or corporate entity that is now forced to navigate in this new arena.

Creating a safe environment is at the top of everyone’s mind as we prepare to open facilities again. Measures must be taken to protect those going back to work; to help keep them and their families free from harm. New policies are being structured every day to meet regulations and HR policies. ISS’ SecurOS Face Mask Detection analytic enables facility owners to know who enters their buildings without a required face mask.

The analytic uses advanced neural network algorithms to detect a person’s face in the scene, and then check if they are wearing a face mask as people enter the facility, and triggers an alarm alerting security personnel. Face masks have become a new adopted normal every day wear, but property owners must be vigilant in making sure that they are being worn throughout the day to prevent possible contamination. ISS is prepared with a solution that protects employees, vendors and visitors easily and effectively, using existing cameras, now enabled with this analytic.

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Camera Agnostic

SecurOS Face Mask Detection can be used with any camera or hardware already in place.

Real-time Alerts

Custom alerts can be created and SMS or screen pop-up can be created displaying who the person is.

Facial Recognition

SecurOS FaceX can be an additonal feature that helps recognize employees not wearing a mask and restrict access.

Easy Implementation

Analytic is added easily to any existing system and user interface is simple to use.

VMS Friendly

SecurOS Face Mask Detection can live side-by-side with other existing VMS platforms or SecurOS can become the main VMS.

Additional Layer

Easily adds an additional layer of protection to any security protocol. Helps to keep your employees safe from harm.


SecurOS® V.11

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