SecurOSFaceX Capture and Facial Recognition
The Next Generation Facial Recognition -
Neural Network Based Technology

SecurOS FaceX from ISS is an intelligent video analytics module that provides facial detection and recognition for your security needs. With its extraordinary recognition accuracy, SecurOS FaceX operates in a wide range of conditions, i.e. changing illumination and angle and is capable of unlimited database sizes.

SecurOS FaceX seamlessly integrates with Access Control Systems (ACS) allowing a person’s face to be their credential, creating a frictionless/hands-free access solution. The face could also be combined with other credentials for multifactor authentication.  Anti-spoofing technology checks for face liveness, and ensures that printed photos or images from mobile devices will be flagged. For convenience and cost savings, the video server CPU performs all neural network processes without the need of special GPU cards.

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Features Include

Key Applications

  • Retail Environments

    Quickly recognize in real-time any visitor that is on a "black list" due to theft and send a warning to the store administrator

  • Schools and Campuses

    Protect your students from potential harm by validating your visitors with facial recognition

  • Law Enforcement

    Quickly identify people of interest to help protect court houses, airports and other secure areas 

  • Public Arenas

    Protect all areas within a stadium environment to keep unwanted visitors or banned individuals from entering