SecurOS™ Porter
Automated touch-free temperature screening and face mask detection

The software-hardware system detects a person (adult or child), checks for a mask on their face, and scans their temperature. If the person’s temperature is elevated and/or there is no mask on their face, the SecurOS Porter shows corresponding “red” indicators and sounds a voice notification to notify the inspector. Optionally, the system can forward alarms to the inspector (security personnel) wirelessly. If the temperature is normal and a person wears a mask, a green indicator light will turn on.

SecurOS Porter provides a touch-free temperature screening and mask detection at a distance of 1.64ft. (0.5m) and works 24/7. The facial detection video analytic allows to localize infrared temperature scanning to a person’s face. This allows determining deviation from normal temperature and correlating the person’s face with the corresponding data from the temperature sensor high correctly. The intelligent mask detector based on convolutional neural network technology determines reliably the presence or absence of a facial mask.

Standby mode

Required to come closer to Porter

No violations

Face mask absence

Elevated temperature

Temperature and mask alarms


Provides touch-free high-quality temperature screening and protective face mask detection.

Video analytics algorithms based on Neural Network and state-of-the-art thermo-scanner enables extraordinary threat detection accuracy.

High measurement accuracy (deviation of 0.9°F (0.5°C) from +97.88°F (+36.6°C) temperature).


Standalone Installation

Operating 24/7 allows you to identify a potentially sick person and/or an absence of mask on a person’s face when regulations require this.

Visual/Audio Indicators

Has a mirror for self-operation and color-coded indication as a face pictogram - to indicate if everything is OK or if something is wrong.

Robust Hardware

Protective housing and a floor stand adapted for different types of facilities including schools.

Distributed Architecture

Allows to equip dozens of check-points with temperature scanning, corresponding with face data, and to forward all data to a security personnel.

Easy Install

Lite and quick installation; no need for special mounting and future maintenance.

Smart Technologies

Has a built-in computer for data gathering and processing as well as a wireless device for transmitting incident data to security personnel.

Key Applications

Retail Environments

Quickly recognize in real-time any visitor that represent risk and send a warning to the store administrator

Schools and Campuses

Protect students with a touch-free temperature screening and mask detection by validating your visitors with facial recognition

Law Enforcement

Quickly identify people of interest to help protect court houses, airports and other secure areas

Public Arenas

Protect all areas within a stadium environment to keep unwanted visitors or banned individuals from entering