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The ISS Smart VideoWall is a hardware and software-based solution for all types of video walls, which integrates into the SecurOS® Premium, Enterprise and MCC editions. The solution consists of a video wall controller, which uses high density graphic cards that can support many LED panels by grouping them into a unified display platform. In addition, the solution includes a software component to easily manage content for the display platform. The content can consist of live and recorded SecurOS® video feeds, along with content from other operator workstations from remote or local locations. 

The ISS Smart VideoWall provides a complete, large-format graphical display solution with advanced decompression algorithms to simultaneously view up to 196 cameras on layouts that are customizable to each operator’s specifications. An operator can assign cameras or layouts to individual monitors or stretch them out over multiple monitors for a greater viewing/management experience. 

Main Benefits

  • Very large displays capabilities 
  • Highly customizable display layouts 
  • Full features of SecurOS® 
  • Ideal for video walls and control rooms 
  • Ease of use and reliability 

Key Features

Native integration with SecurOS®

8 or 16 Full HD outputs

Latest Gen. Intel® Processors

Intel® QSV for video decompression

High-end Nvidia Graphics cards

True 4K ready

Key Applications

Safe Cities

Improves communication across collaborating municipal agencies and allows for real-time responses to incidents

Public Venues

Monitor all aspects of stadiums and public venues using advanced people tacking, facial recognition and other analytics to ensure public safety

Law Enforcement

Part of an integral command and control platform merging private and public video feeds from traffic, pedestrian or local businesses to law enforcement agencies to help monitor high crime areas

Campus and Universities

Communicate with foot and vehicle patrol officers on school or hospital campuses through one central command center that helps protect students and visitors

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