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SecurOS™ Xpress is the ideal solution for video recording and management in small to midsize security deployments. SecurOS™ Xpress shares the same core system and graphical user interface as all our tiered versions (Enterprise, Premium and Professional), and can be easily upgraded for future expansion.

SecurOS™ Xpress is the choice for standalone IP or analog camera based solutions that require up to 64 cameras. It contains an assortment of features to develop a powerful standalone solution, from plug and play installation, auto-camera discovery, remote client capabilities (Web and Mobile App), basic user rights permissions, macro command and schedule engine, and a host of event reaction capabilities. A simplified user interface means Xpress is up and running in minutes – easy to install, easy to manage, and easy to operate.

SecurOS™ Xpress supports thousands of IP cameras (via API integration), and is fully ONVIF compliant as well. Xpress is also a popular choice for federated solutions, where it would run on globally disparate sites, and all the Xpress sites will be centrally managed by the SecurOS™ MCC platform.



1 Video Server per System

64 Cameras per System


Deployment For Projects Up To 64 Cameras

SecurOS™ Xpress supports up to 64 cameras of audio and video, providing an excellent solution for small to mid-sized projects.

Additive/Modular Architecture

Scalable architecture allows to easily upgrade to other SecurOS™ editions, and include more modules at any point in time. Add new functionalities and capabilities with minimal software management.

Flexible User Interface

Create customized user interfaces based on the needs of each specific security deployment. Watch the cameras from one server or merge cameras from multiple servers into a unified view. Choose from a variety or user interface options, like the Video Matrix, Maps, Event Manager, special Analytic GUIs, and more, to provide the best user experience.

Easy Remote System Connectivity

In addition to the SecurOS™ thick-client, SecurOS' powerful WebConnect (web client) and Mobile App (for iOS and Android devices) are available for remote viewing and management of the system.

Extensive Device Support

SecurOS Xpress supports all the major IP camera manufacturers via API integrations, meaning all advanced camera features can be brought into the SecurOS™ system. Also industry standard protocols such as ONVIF, RTSP, and others are supported.

Powerful Video Management Features

Industry leading VMS features include Intel Quick Sync Video support for decompression of H.264, H.265 video on client workstations, custom camera layouts creation, dynamic camera stream switching for managing bandwidth usage, Evidence Manager for effectively reviewing exported video related to an incident, and many more.

The most powerful video and analytics management system in the world

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