SecurOS™ Tracking Kit — Situational Video Analytics

The SecurOS Tracking Kit is an ISS video analytics module that provides a suite of advanced video analytics detectors designed to increase situational awareness for operators. The Tracking Kit detectors streamline operator efficiencies by not requiring constant monitoring of controlled areas; improving event processing, monitoring/controlling several locations without impacting the security staff.

Tracking Kit includes the following detectors:

• Object Left Behind - detects objects/packages left behind
• Loitering - detects people moving within a controlled area during a long period of time
• Crowd - detects large groups of people in open areas and premises providing an early warning of public unrest and disorder
• Intrusion - detects objects that intersect the perimeter of a restricted area
• Object Counter - detects and counts objects that intersect a control line (e.g., people, vehicles)
Running -  detects people moving at a speed exceeding a predefined value
Dwell Time - detects objects in a defined zone that remain beyond a duration threshold
• Line Crossing - detects objects that cross from one side of a specified line to another
• Wrong Direction - detects objects that moves in a direction that is outside the defined trajectory zone

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Features Include

Key Applications

  • Parking / Pedestrian Zones

    Detect loitering behavior in parking areas to prevent theft or harm to individuals

  • Retail

    People counting helps retail facilities allocate metrics to important marketing information

  • Public Squares

    Crowd detection allows security personnel to quickly identify gatherings of large groups in order to stay proactive

  • Airports / Metro

    Helps security keep an eye for any suspicious objects left behind in public areas such as airports, subway platforms or stations