SecurOS™ Smart Appliance

The SecurOS™ Smart Appliance from ISS is an unmatched all-in-one solution, scalable from small to large installations. The advanced and high performance design is coupled with unique features that include an Intel® architecture with an embedded Layer-2 Smart and Managed Switch. It supports not only the SecurOS™ VMS but also all Video Analytics Modules available from ISS, including License Plate & Container Number Recognition, Face Recognition, and Tracking Detectors.

IP cameras are connected directly to the SecurOS Smart Appliance, reducing and in some cases eliminating video streaming on existing company networks as well as decreasing the amount of wiring and point of failures on the system.

  • SecurOS™ Xpress, Professional, Premium or Enterprise Options Available
  • Supports up to 64 IP Cameras
  • Embedded High PoE (802.3at) Switch
  • Gigabit Uplink Port – SFP Combo
  • Up to 24 TB Internal Recording *
  • RAID 0/1/5/10 *
  • Triplex Operation: Simultaneous Playback/Record/View
  • Motion Masking Capability
  • Multi-Layer Mapping
  • Audio and Video Synchronization
  • Export as JPEG/PNG, AVI, ASF, or Native Evidence Format
  • SecurOS™ Mobile App / SecurOS™ WebConnect Support
  • Cyber Security Features Available
  •  3 Year Parts Warranty

*Available on SOS-APP-124

Features Include