What is SecurOSTM Guarantee?

Intelligent Security Systems (ISS) is known in the industry for its unmatched quality of support to its partners. With its global support team, ISS strives to deliver the best support experience in the shortest period of time. When you choose ISS, you can be sure that our team of highly skilled support specialists will be there to help you every step of the way.

By being an ISS partner, you automatically benefit from the SecurOSTM Guarantee Standard support package. This is a free software support package offered to new partners looking to start working with ISS. SecurOSTM Guarantee Prime is a premium software support package that is purchased to get the highest-level support for your projects from the pre-sales stages through many years of successful operation. The Prime support package protects your investment for many years to come, ensuring latest versions and hot fixes, online case management, knowledge base, dedicated ISS support engineers, priority SLAs, and many more benefits.

SecurOSTM Guarantee Standard
SecurOSTM Guarantee Prime
Annual Cost
Personal Portal Space
Knowledge Base
Download Center
Instructional Videos
Web Intro Training
Pre-Sales Project Support
Access to Hot Fixes
SecurOS Edition Upgrades
full upgrade cost
discounted upgrade cost
Online Case Management
Dedicated Support Engineer
Priority Service Levels (SLAs)
Real-time Support
Access to New Releases
Priority License Requests
Extended Support Services
* Deployment services, advanced config / scripting support, training
Onsite Visits
** 2 free visits per year (per project)


  • If purchasing SecurOS Enterprise, the SecurOS Guarantee Prime package is required. For SecurOS Premium, Professional, and Xpress, the Prime package is strongly recommended.
  • SecurOSTM Guarantee Prime can be purchased with any of the ISS software products including ALL the ISS analytics modules.

What is included with SecurOS Guarantee Standard?

  • Personal Portal Space
    Partners will get access to the ISS Partner Portal, with many free resources available to them. In addition, partners will have their own space to upload and store project related files to streamline the support process.
  • Knowledge Base
    A Knowledge Base will be available from the ISS Partner Portal, providing access to a wide range or articles about using the ISS product line.
  • Download Center
    A Download Center will be available from the ISS Partner Portal, giving partners access to all ISS product data sheets, manuals, guides, software installers, and more.
  • Instructional Videos
    Also, from the Partner Portal, users can view a full set of instructional videos on using and administrating the SecurOS platform and all its analytics modules.
  • Web Intro Training
    With the Standard support package, new partners will receive 1-2 hour intro trainings on how to start using the ISS product line, and key differentiators of the system.
  • Pre-sales Project Support
    ISS Pre-sales engineers are always available to assist with any pre-sales questions, whether its about proposed design or pricing, helping facilitate the sales process.
  • Access to Hot Fixes
    Hot fixes are provided for bugs or other issues found in the software. Any discovered software bugs are taken very seriously. Bugs are given the highest priority within the ISS R&D and ISS does their best to provide an expedient fix/resolution. With the SecurOS Guarantee support packages, such fixes will come in the form of a patch that is typically applied to an existing installation with minimal system downtime. In addition, ISS will release software versions dedicated to bug fixes and other small updates (typically 1 or 2 such releases may come out between major feature releases). For support from a dedicated ISS engineer during the update process, the SecurOS Guarantee Prime package will be required.

    *NOTE: Bug fixes are only available on SecurOS versions that are fully supported. Please check the SecurOS End of Life policy for more info.

Why SecurOS Guarantee Prime?

In addition to all the benefits of SecurOS Guarantee Standard, the Prime package offers the following additional features to ensure the maximum support experience for all ISS partners and end users.

  • SecurOS Edition Upgrades
    When purchasing SecurOS Guarantee Prime, partners get discount pricing when upgrading from one SecurOS Edition to another (e.g. going from SecurOS Professional to Enterprise).
  • Online Case Management From the ISS Partner Porter, partners will have access to the ISS support ticketing system, and can submit tickets and track their support cases.
  • Dedicated Support Engineer
    As part of the Prime package, you will have an assigned ISS support engineer to help you throughout the duration of your support needs.
  • Priority Service Levels (SLAs)
    With the Prime support package, you get a Standard Service Level Agreement. We will make commitments on our ticket response and resolution times. Additionally, you can purchase project-based SLAs to fulfill your specific project support needs.
  • Real-time Support
    When you call ISS support, your call will always be taken and treated with priority. Even during high call volume hours your call will be returned within minutes.
  • Access to New Releases
    Once new releases come out (whether they are intermediate, major, or next generation releases), the end-user will immediately be eligible for a system update.
  • Priority License Requests
    With the Prime support package, most license requests or issues will be resolved same day.
  • Extended Support Services
    Extended support services include deployment services, upgrade services, training, and scripting / integration assistance. These can be purchased optionally with SecurOS Guarantee Prime.
  • Onsite Visits
    Partners will be eligible for 2 free site visits a year for any project from ISS engineers.

    *NOTE: Available where ISS local offices or representatives are present.

Support Provided with SecurOS Guarantee Prime

Below is a more in depth look at the level of support that ISS partners can expect with SecurOS Guarantee Prime. Technical Support The following 3 Levels of support are available. Support Levels 1 & 2 are included with the SecurOS Guarantee Prime package. Support Level 3 is available with SecurOS Guarantee Prime as a purchased add-on option. Technical support is directly available to you by an ISS Support Specialist.

Support Levels: 

  • Level 1 (Basic):
    • Pre-sales support (system design, demos, quotes, etc..) o
    • Basic support inquiries about configuration, installation, user rights
    • Licensing questions 
  • Level 2 (Extended):
    • Complex system design/architecture questions
    • Complex troubleshooting
    • ISS analytics module support
    • SecurOS database troubleshooting
    • Working with SecurOS log files 
  • Level 3 (Advanced):
    • Scripting support
    • Integration support (for partners integrating SecurOS with third-party systems)


  • Level 3 Support options are offered separately as ISS Professional Services.
  • Pre-Sales support can only be provided if all technical/commercial information about the project is given to the ISS support engineer.
  • When it comes to camera or network support, ISS can give general recommendations, but direct camera and network support are outside of the scope of the ISS support services. Such support must be provided by the system network administrator and by the company who installed the cameras. This applies to all other 3rd party equipment not sold by ISS.

Support Options:

  • Phone
  • Email
  • ISS Support Portal
  • Remote login
  • On-site visit (optional)

Standard Service Level Agreement

Ticket Response Time (for “Medium” priority ticket):

  • Phone: Within 10 min (during business hours)
  • Email / Support Portal: Within 8 hours (during business hours) Ticket Resolution Time (for “Medium” priority ticket):
  • Phone / Email / Support Portal: 3 days (business days) ISS is dedicated to support your client’s system so as to get it up and running faster, reduce system downtime and free up the client’s IT resources to focus on other critical business requirements.

Standard Support hours:

  • 8:00am - 6:30pm, Monday – Friday (where ISS local engineers and representatives are present)
  • 24x7 support is also available (as a purchased add-on option to SecurOS Guarantee Prime)

Support Package Duration Options:

SecurOS Guarantee Prime can be purchased for 1, 2, 3, or 5 years at a time. Purchasing a multiyear package, makes the per-year cost of the support package less expensive.


  • Service Level Agreement (SLA) times can vary depending on presence of local ISS engineers and representatives in a given region.
  • Different SLAs with customized support options can be setup for specific partners or projects. Please check with your local ISS Support Team.

Support Regions:
The following countries have local ISS Support engineers:

  • United States (HQ): +1 (732) 855 1111
  • Canada: +1 (647) 618 8812
  • Brazil: +55 11 2262 2894
  • Dubai: +9 714 874 7100
  • Qatar: +974 3311 4132
  • Russia: +7 (495) 645 2121
  • Europe / Asia: + 380 44 299 08 10
  • Mexico: +52 55 90015252
  • Colombia: +57 (312) 478 3127
  • Chile:+56 (9) 6573 2993
  • Peru: +57 (312) 478 3127
  • Argentina: +54 9 11 3251 8386
  • South Africa: +27 (0) 31 564 2839
  • Central America / Caribbean: +502 5517 8395

For a more extended list of support regions with ISS Staff or certified partners please follow up with the US Office.