SecurOS™ Velox - Speed limit violations detection system

SecurOS Velox is a ready-to-use all-in-one device designed for real-time traffic violations detection and automatic license plate recognition (ANPR) of all passing vehicles. SecurOS Velox is designed to monitor road traffic and detect all violation cases 24 hours a day under any weather conditions. It includes a high quality image capturing camera, integrated power efficient illumination, processing unit for number plate recognition, automatic self-control services and remote management GUI. High-end microwave radar in combination with high resolution camera can track up to 32 vehicles simultaneously for up to 6 traffic lanes and automatically provide evidence of detected violations.

Features Include

SecurOSTM Velox

Key Applications

  • Safe CIties

    Automatic database registration and saving of video images, date, time, and plate numbers for incoming and outgoing traffic on roadways and highways

  • Law Enforcement

    Effective tool for law enforcement and other municipalities to stay connected to vehicles of interest flagged within their databases

  • Highways / Roadways

    Ideal for use in high quality license plate recognition and speed measurement in high-traffic, multi-lane installations

  • School Zones

    Protect the areas of school zones by deterring speeding vehicles with a violation detection system