ISS Recognized in New IHS Markit Report

ISS Recognized in New IHS Markit Reports as a Leading Vendor of Both Intelligent VMS and Analytics

Natively Developed SecurOS VMS and Analytics Co-Developed to Seamlessly Integrate as a Single Platform

Woodbridge, NJ (January 23, 2019) – ISS – Intelligent Security Systems, a global leader in intelligent Video Management Systems (VMS) solutions with natively developed analytics, recently established a new benchmark with industry reports from IHS Markit®. In its Video Surveillance Intelligence Service report, IHS Markit estimates ISS to have been the third largest non-security solution vendor of VMS in 2017. In its 2018 Video Analytics in Security & Business Intelligence report, IHS Markit estimates ISS to have been the third largest vendor of paid for video analytics software in the Americas in 2017. The combined results of these new rankings clearly position ISS as an established leader in natively developed intelligent VMS and analytics solutions.

“The latest industry reports from IHS Markit reflect ISS’ perseverance to develop a VMS solution that transcends typical video management and control capabilities by offering higher levels of intelligence,” said Aluisio Figueiredo, CEO of ISS. “To accomplish this goal, we have continued to develop new and innovative functionality for our flagship SecurOS™ VMS in tandem with the development of powerful analytics designed from the ground up to seamlessly integrate with one another. By weighting the latest IHS Markit rankings for non-security VMS and analytics, it is clear that our unified platform SecurOS VMS and analytics solution delivers a superior value proposition.”

“Our estimates show that ISS has grown quickly in recent years to become the world’s third largest non-security solution vendor of VMS and the third largest vendor of video analytics software in the Americas in 2017,” said Jon Cropley, Principal Analyst Market, IHS Markit.

ISS continues to adopt sophisticated technology with the use of neural networks and deep learning algorithms which provides innovative customizable video surveillance solutions to meet customers’ evolving needs. ISS recently introduced the SecurOS v.10 VMS, featuring an updated, highly-intuitive GUI designed to accommodate multiple clients, and the ability to easily manage large systems with infinite scalability. Additional enhancements include a new web client for remote access, robust cyber security updates, 64-bit edition for faster throughput and larger capacity, enhanced native failover operations, H.265 Intel QSV support and a brand-new Evidence Manager.

SecurOS v.10 seamlessly integrates with a host of powerful analytics developed by ISS. This unique, highly intelligent VMS and natively developed analytics allow ISS to offer a wide range of specialized packages to fulfill users’ specific physical security and business intelligence needs. ISS’ innovative portfolio of open platform analytics also integrates with myriad third party video management solutions.

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About ISS – Intelligent Security Systems

ISS – Intelligent Security Systems headquartered in Woodbridge, NJ, and with offices worldwide, is a leader in video management and video analytics software. ISS provides a comprehensive line of digital security and surveillance video solutions which are on the forefront of on-demand security, allowing for centralized command and control of an entire enterprise security network.