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With a portfolio of more than 30 patents and trademarks, ISS is a recognized pioneer in the development of video analytics and AI-powered video software. As a New Jersey-based, MBE-certified business, we offer a comprehensive suite of video intelligence solutions to address security, safety, and business challenges across a diverse range of vertical markets. Since our establishment more than a quarter-century ago, ISS has built a truly global presence with deployments in more than 50 countries worldwide supported by a team of more than 200 developers and engineers. Our SecurOS® Video Intelligence Platform seamlessly integrates numerous analytic modules to deliver customized solutions to organizations of all shapes and sizes.

Purpose-Built, High-Trust AI for a Wide Range of Applications

Highway and Pedestrian Safety

ISS offers a complete suite of video intelligence products specifically designed for tolling and traffic/parking enforcement along with solutions, such as our SecurOS® Soffit dynamic LED pedestrian lighting system, to help cities achieve their Vision Zero goals.

Labor Safety and Regulatory Compliance

Need to ensure workers are wearing required PPE? The ISS Safety suite of solutions is designed to help businesses mitigate against workplace injuries and fines.


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Discover advanced under vehicle surveillance systems at competitive prices - Explore first-rate security solutions for stadiums

ISS Protects CFP National Championship Game with SecurOS® UVSS

ISS's SecurOS® UVSS, powered by AI, set a new safety standard at the CFP National Championship. In collaboration with Unlimited Technology, it screened 140 vehicles, ...
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ISS and Convergint Forge Global Partnership for Cutting-Edge Video Analytics Solutions

ISS Enters Into Partnership Agreement with Convergint

ISS and Convergint join forces to deliver innovative AI-powered video analytics solutions for enhanced security and business operations.
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ISS AI video analytics ensuring comprehensive stadium security

EverBank Stadium Protects Fans and Athletes with Under Vehicle Surveillance System

Elevate security at EverBank Stadium with SecurOS® UVSS by ISS and Wireless Guardian. Seamlessly screen under vehicle carriages for threats without complex construction.
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