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Cutting-edge ISS surveillance software for enterprise network protection

Video Intelligence Digest: May 2024

Explore our monthly blog series covering the latest ISS news, strategic partnerships, upcoming events, training opportunities, and insights into video...
Innovative AI Technologies: ISS's Video Analytics for Safer Environments.

Video Intelligence Digest: April 2024

This new monthly blog series will provide a brief overview of our latest company news, upcoming events, training schedule, and more to keep you up to...
SecurOS UTSS - Under Train Surveillance Systems: an added layer of security | AI Video analytics

Under Train Surveillance Systems: an added layer of security

Growing threats and technology advancements drive the UVSS market applications...

AI’s role in workplace violence prevention

Explore how ISS leverages AI to enhance workplace violence prevention and improve labor safety compliance...
Face as a Credential | Gain Insights with Intelligent Video Analytics Technology | Intelligent Security Systems

Beyond Traditional Credentials: How Facial Authentication Tech is Reshaping Airport Identity Management

Advances in AI are ushering in the end of days for card-based access in the aviation sector...
Experience Unmatched Security with Intelligent Video Surveillance | Intelligent Security Systems

A Solution for Security’s Margin Problem

SecurOS® Tracking Kit provides organizations the technology ‘how’ to meet their security ‘why’...
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