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SecurOS™ Cargo – Container Number Recognition

The SecurOS™ Cargo is an ISS video analytics module designed for recognizing ISO codes from cargo containers at port entrances. The module is capable of capturing codes printed horizontally or vertically from above, back and either side of a container.

The SecurOS™ Cargo module integrates with cargo management processes at ports, intermodal, and logistics centers, and can dramatically improve throughput and turnaround time, reduce liability, and be utilized to better locate and track containers in large facilities.

technology overview

System recognizes container ISO codes.

System will consolidate results into one result from all the cameras

System recognizes container ISO codes printed horizontally or vertically, on the top, side, or back of the container

Locates and automatically selects the best images for greater recognition capacity.

Up to 10 km/h.

key advantageS

Terminal Management System Integration

Automates gate operations and truck, train and crane container handling to existing Logistics Management Systems

Varying Recognition Environments

System can support a number of different recognition environments including: truck, crane, forklift, as well as use of hand-held devices

Built-in Video Support

Running on the SecurOS™ VMS, all container number readings will have corresponding recorded video for future exporting and analysis

Advanced Recognition Engine

System recognizes container ISO codes printed horizontally or vertically, on the top, side, or back of the container, in addition to codes such as ILU, Kemler, ADR, and others

ISS Native Technology

A completely ISS-native technology, making it easy to tailor the solution per our clients’ needs

Result Consolidation

If using multiple cameras (both sides and top of container), system will consolidate results into one best result. Video from all the cameras will be time synced and easily available for playback and export

Key Applications

Seaport Operations

Facilitates data flow processing and seamless integration with Terminal Operation Systems, eliminating manual errors

Weigh Stations

Container number is linked to the weight of the cargo - streamlining gate operations

Border and Customs Control

Visual inspection and automation of containers at terminal gates saves time and resources

Loss Prevention

Effective visual tool to detect container tampering and prevent theft. Inspects container condition for liability claims

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