SecurOS™ ACS Module

The SecurOS ACS module provides a built-in ability to integrate any access control, fire alarm, intrusion panel, and other security systems with the SecurOS VMS platform. By combining the SecurOS software platform with an integrated access control system, you can create a streamlined, flexible and scalable system to effectively monitor staff and visitors.  SecurOS ACS module provides a feature-rich user interface for displaying 3rd party system events in real-time, search for events or registered users, display all devices on SecurOS Maps, link SecurOS configured cameras to 3rd party devices and more...

Features Include

Key Applications

  • Hospitals

    Protect restricted areas within a hospital facility from unauthorized access

  • Automatic Registration

    Protect your school entrances by preventing unauthorized visitors from gaining access

  • Airports

    Protect highly restricted areas such as tarmacs from being accessed at airports

  • Prisons

    Control access to all areas of a prison by integrating your access control system to your cameras