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Unlock the Potential of Your Data with Analytic-as-a-Service from ISS

In a world where traditional rules-based analytics fall short, ISS is revolutionizing the video intelligence landscape by offering Analytics-as-a-Serving, enabling users to harness their video data like never before. With the power of AI and machine learning, Analytics-as-a-Service delivers unprecedented insights, transforming how you optimize operations and security planning. Whether you’re managing traffic, regulatory compliance, or monitoring security and safety issues, ISS puts actionable intelligence at your fingertips, on your terms.

Tailored, Hardware-Free Solutions for Your Unique Needs

Embrace the flexibility of ISS’ a-la-carte, hardware-free approach. Select the specific analytics modules that align with your objectives, and receive tailor-made reports from your uploaded video footage. Our solution caters to a wide range of needs, including security, safety, operations, and traffic management, ensuring that every aspect of your business is covered.


People Counting: Enhance crowd management and facility planning.

PPE Detection: Ensure compliance with safety regulations.

Facial Recognition: Gain valuable insights on customers.

Speed Detection: Improve safety and reduce the risk of accidents.

Vehicle Counting: Optimize traffic flow and parking management.

Turnstile Evasion: Mitigate vulnerabilities to prevent revenue loss.

Why Choose ISS?

With over 300,000 projects in more than 50 countries, ISS is a global leader in video analytics. We own more than 30 patents, employ over 450 people worldwide, and manage more than 3.5 million cameras with our SecurOS® Video Intelligence Platform. Our expertise spans across industries, providing innovative solutions for labor safety, logistics management, under-vehicle surveillance, and more.

How It Works

  1. Choose Your Tier: Select from Standard, Pro, or Enterprise tiers based on your needs.
  2. Upload Video Clips: Use our infrastructure and personalized portal to upload your footage.
  3. Configurable Dashboards: Customize dashboards to display the analytics that matter most to you.
  4. Select Analytics Modules: Apply up to 6 different analytics to each video clip.
  5. Fast Turnaround: Receive results within a week, delivered to your personalized portal.


Healthcare: Enhance patient safety and operational efficiency.


Critical Infrastructure: Ensure the security and functionality of essential services.

ITS: Optimize traffic management and safety on roadways.

Stadiums and Arenas: Improve security and fan experiences at large events.

Experience the Future of VIDEO INTELLIGENCE TODAY

Invest in a smarter, more efficient future with ISS Analytics-as-a-Service. Request a demo today to see how our advanced AI and video analytics can transform your operations, providing you with the insights needed to stay ahead.

Our products

SecurOS tracking Kit - AI-Powered Surveillance: Discover How ISS Delivers Cutting-Edge Video Analytics.

Elevate situational awareness with the SecurOS® Tracking Kit, an analytics module from ISS that enables end users to leverage multiple analytic detectors within a single camera. Streamlining efficiency, its advanced detectors reduce the need for constant monitoring, enhance event processing, and provide seamless control of multiple locations.

SecurOS FaceX - Facial Recognition Software - Smart Surveillance: ISS's Video Analytics Enhance Threat Detection and Response.

Discover precision facial capture and recognition with SecurOS® FaceX from ISS. Seamlessly integrated with access control systems, it offers hands-free access with anti-spoofing technology and cost-effective processing.

SecurOS Auto - Intelligent Security Solutions: Harness the Power of Video Analytics with ISS.

The SecurOS® Auto LPR/ANPR module from ISS delivers unparalleled accuracy at speeds up to 155 mph, even in challenging environmental conditions, such as rain, fog, and snow. With advanced algorithms, global license plate support, and seamless integration, it’s your reliable choice for cutting-edge license plate recognition.

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