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SecurOS® Face Mask Detection

SecurOS® unveils an innovative video analytics system that integrates safety video analytics and smart security solutions, purpose-built to meet the evolving demands of our dynamic world. As our society continues to adapt to changing circumstances, ISS has remained at the forefront of technological advancements, consistently engineering security system solutions that cater to the shifting needs of facility managers and corporations.

The foremost priority for all is ensuring a safe environment, particularly as facilities prepare for continued operation. Stringent safety measures remain crucial to protect the well-being of employees and their families. To stay aligned with ever-evolving regulations and HR policies, ISS proudly presents the SecurOS Face Mask Detection analytic, an advanced safety video analytics solution that empowers facility owners to identify individuals entering their premises without the required face mask.

Utilizing state-of-the-art neural network algorithms, the system detects faces within the scene and verifies whether individuals are adhering to face mask guidelines upon entry. In the event of non-compliance, an immediate alert is triggered, notifying security personnel. Although face masks have become commonplace, property owners must maintain vigilance to ensure their consistent use throughout the day, mitigating potential risks. ISS offers a robust and efficient solution that enhances safety for employees, vendors, and visitors alike, integrating seamlessly with existing camera systems.

This approach exemplifies video security solutions, including video analytics software, that adapt to our ever-changing world and emphasize the role of smart security solutions in promoting a secure environment.

Features Include

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Camera Agnostic

SecurOS Face Mask Detection can be used with any camera or hardware already in place.

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Real-time Alerts

Custom alerts can be created and SMS or screen pop-up can be created displaying who the person is.

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Facial Recognition

SecurOS FaceX can be an additonal feature that helps recognize employees not wearing a mask and restrict access.

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Easy Implementation

Analytic is added easily to any existing system and user interface is simple to use.

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VMS Friendly

SecurOS Face Mask Detection can live side-by-side with other existing VMS platforms or SecurOS can become the main VMS.

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Additional Layer

Easily adds an additional layer of protection to any security protocol. Helps to keep your employees safe from harm.

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