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SecurOS® FaceX as a Credential
Facial Recognition Solution for Access Control Deployments

The SecurOS® FaceX facial recognition system from ISS enables organizations to use the faces of employees, contractors and guests to create a frictionless/hands-free access control solution all while leveraging existing hardware components to keep deployment costs low. Faces can also be combined with other credentials, such as proximity cards and biometric readers, to provide multi-factor authentication for high security applications.

Additionally, our anti-spoofing technology checks for face liveness, and ensures that printed photos or images from mobile devices will be flagged. The unique FaceX as a Credential (FaaC) solution can also incorporate standard, off-the-shelf cameras and other security appliances to minimize investment, maintain building aesthetics, and eliminate excessive labor related to user enrollment and credential management.

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Unlimited Database Size

Create an unlimited amount of watch lists and people in them.

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Convolutional Neural Network Based Algorithms

High percentage of correct recognitions, including those taken under challenging scene conditions.

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Data Security

All personal data is encrypted in transit and at rest.


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Multifactor Authentication

Special mode to manage access control systems (ACS) for both single-factor and multifactor authentication.

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Special feature to check for face liveness, and ensure that printed photos or images from mobile devices (phone, tablet) will be flagged as spoofing alarms.

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Seamless Integration with ACS Systems

Existing integration with all major access control systems.

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Single Enrollment Interface

Synchronize ACS Person DB with SecurOS FaceX Person DB to provide a single enrollment interface.

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High Performance in Low Light

System performs well in low-light and does not require additional lighting fixtures to be installed at doors/turnstiles.

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Speed of Entry

Whole process of face detection/recognition and opening the door/turnstile is done in less than 500ms.

Key Applications

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Manage employee access, entry and exit control, schedules and labor safety with frictionless access solution.

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Schools and Campuses

Protect your students from potential harm by validating your visitors with facial recognition

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Quickly identify people of interest to help protect court houses, airports and other secure areas.

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Recognize owners, visitors and persons of interest for adequate monitoring and control in access areas

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Discover the capabilities of our advanced video and analytics management system.

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