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From K-12 schools to universities to corporate campuses, security and facilities personnel need to be both cost conscious and thorough when they procure new security solutions. Office complexes, nursing homes, and other facilities face similar challenges due to legal and economic pressures. SecurOS addresses the need facilities and campuses have for highly intelligent, proactive software that can help prevent incidents.

A key element of the required solution is the provision for scalability; as needs grow, and new threats and security considerations emerge, the deployed solution must be able to evolve and grow to meet new challenges. The capability to integrate a variety of systems to give a comprehensive visualization for security professionals sets ISS apart.


Enhance Intersection Safety with Securos Crossroad | Intelligent Security Systems


Comprehensive Security Systems for Businesses of Any Scale | Intelligent Security Systems

The most powerful video and analytics management system in the world

SecurOS® V.11

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