ISS does business in major, growing sectors and is well positioned to employ state-of-the-art, AI-driven solutions to expand its business.Owner of a wide portfolio of professional export-oriented video management and video analytics products, ISS provides full-cycle support and maintenance: from consulting, presale, and design to deployment and post-installation.

The ISS video analysis system based on the artificial intelligence technologies provides automatic control of personnel actions, which allows minimizing the number of threats and dangerous situations, as well as significantly reducing existing costs, and reducing reputation and other risks. The solutions are based on the SecurOS solution platform.


Automation of production control within the food safety system

Ensuring regulated control of employee handwashing and, as a result, reducing the risk of infections and the transfer of bacteria to production

Ensuring control over the correctness of the implementation of regulated employees actions

Evaluation of the effectiveness of taken measures and forecasting further actions




Ties together local or distributed security systems into a unified control center with unlimited numbers of cameras and servers


Integrates third-party systems and devices into one network

Additive / Modular architecture

Supports all major IP camera vendors via API integrations

Event / Scenario management

Program complex reactions to intelligently and dynamically react to events

Extensibility / Customization

SecurOS™ allows for complete customization based on user need

Business intelligence

Advanced native analytics and integration of surveillance platform with business process systems


The most powerful video and analytics management system in the world

SecurOS™ V.11