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ISS AI video analytics: Advanced security for healthcare

From protecting staff and patients against acts of violence to fall management and everything in between, healthcare facilities face myriad security, safety and operational challenges. However, recent advances in video intelligence have given rise to new, AI-powered technologies that enable hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare facilities to become more proactive in addressing these risks. With a portfolio consisting of more than 50 different high-trust video analytic modules, ISS offers a suite of tailormade solutions for the healthcare industry. Powered by the SecurOS® Video Intelligence Platform, we can provide a holistic video intelligence that encompasses: staff safety; patient protection; as well as infant and pediatric protection. 


Enhance healthcare security with ISS AI video analytics.

Here at ISS we have developed SecurOS® STAT, a suite of healthcare specific intelligent video solutions which we have deployed to hospitals here in the US to protect staff, patients, and visitors while providing real time alerting for protecting your environment.

Protect patients and staff with ISS AI video analytics

Staff Protection

  • Facial recognition tied to offender registries 
  • Facility Identity Verification for Staff (Face as a Credential)
  • Occupancy Counter, Loiter and Intrusion Detection
  • Fighting Detection for ED’s, Behavioral Health and other critical areas
  • License Plate and Vehicle Recognition for secured and general parking areas
Optimize surveillance in healthcare settings with ISS AI

Patient and Infant/Pediatric Protection

  • Fall Management and Detection
  • Patient Elopement Detection
  • Hand Hygiene Compliance
  • Facial Recognition tied into offender/sex offender registries

Whether your healthcare organization comprises a single facility or a multi-hospital IDN, SecurOS® STAT offers a video intelligence solution to identify and track what’s important to you.

ISS AI video analytics: Tailored solutions for healthcare facilities

Our products

Enhanced security through AI video analytics

SecurOS Tracking Kit

Elevate awareness with SecurOS™ Tracking Kit, an ISS video analytics module. Streamlining efficiency, its advanced detectors reduce constant monitoring, enhance event processing, and enable seamless control of multiple locations for security staff

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SecurOS FaceX

Discover precision facial detection with SecurOS™ FaceX from ISS. Seamlessly integrated with Access Control Systems, it offers hands-free access with anti-spoofing technology and cost-effective processing on the video server CPU—no special GPU cards needed

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SecurOS Auto

SecurOS™ Auto LPR/ANPR delivers unparalleled accuracy at 155 mph, even in challenging weather. With advanced algorithms, global license plate support, and seamless integration, it's your reliable choice for cutting-edge plate recognition.

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