SecurOS™ Motus - Specialized Turnkey Solution for LPR/ANPR

SecurOS Motus is an IP-camera designed for SecurOS™ Auto, high-speed with the highest accuracy LPR solution. It provides an unbeatable ANPR precision for commercial facilities and law enforcement applications. Built-in configurable infrared or white-light illuminator and high resolution IP-camera of the SecurOS Motus provides the most accurate and reliable image quality in both day and night modes under variable weather conditions. SecurOS Motus has a thoughtfully designed unibody, motorized zoom lens and as well as waterproof enclosure with an IP67 rating.

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Features Include


Key Applications

  • Parking Facilities

    Providing vehicle safety, increase of speed and quality of service, and the reduction of unauthorized access, fraud and theft

  • Safe Cities

    Automatic database registration and saving of video images, date, time, and plate numbers for incoming and outgoing traffic on roadways and highways

  • Law Enforcement

    Effective tool for law enforcement and other municipalities to stay connected to vehicles of interest flagged within their databases

  • Border Patrol

    Automatically identifies and tracks vehicles entering or leaving border patrol areas. Vehicles of interest are easily identified and potential border runners are apprehended