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CNL is the leading global provider of physical security information management (PSIM) platform software. Over the last 15 years, the Control Center PSIM platform has been deployed to secure major cities, military installations, and government buildings; keep transportation facilities and networks operational and the people that rely on them safe; protect public and private critical infrastructure; and to help many large public and private corporations protect employees, property, and assets and manage risk

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Duos Technologies, Inc. has provided a broad range of sophisticated intelligent technology solutions with an emphasis on mission critical applications. Based in Jacksonville, FL, duostech services customers throughout North America integrating safety, security, situational awareness, and automation platforms in all types of environments.

Our combined team expertise includes subject matter experts in the diverse fields of mechanical, electrical, optical, industrial, electronic, and computer engineering develops scalable, consistent, and repeatable solutions. Our IT, procurement, program management, and construction management teams make sure we deliver for our customers.

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Proximex Surveillint is a power Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) solution providing integration to video, access control , intrusion, fire and other systems into one common interface. Available in two versions, Essentials and Enterprise, Surveillint can accommodate a wide range of integration needs for small-to-medium and medium-to-large scale environments. All Surveillint PSIM solutions provide greater situational awareness, decreased incident response time, and simplified event reconstruction and reporting.

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Qognify solutions help organizations capture, analyze, and leverage big data to anticipate, manage, and mitigate security and safety risks, maintain business continuity, and streamline operations. 

The solutions have been deployed to help secure a broad range of organizations and events, such as banks, utility companies, airports, seaports, city centers, transportation systems, major tourist attractions, sporting events, and diplomatic meetingsn.

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