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From facial recognition for access control to cameras integrated with dynamic street lighting for pedestrian safety, ISS offers a wide range of intelligent video solutions to address a diverse array security and safety challenges. As a holder of numerous video analytic patents, ISS has been at the forefront of the development of machine learning and AI-based technologies in the security industry. Below are just a few of our featured analytic solutions.


SecurOS® Velox monitors road traffic to help enforce speed limits and other safety rules. Click here to learn more

SecurOS® POS documents specified retail transactions includin selected item or terminal numbers, staff, or payment types. Learn more here

SecurOS® FaceX helps protect public areas from unwanted visitors or banned individuals. Click here to learn more

SecurOS® MCC allows for monitoring and management of a global security infrastructure from a single center. Learn more here

SecurOS® UVSS captures high-quality undercarriage images for vehicle inspection at borders and sensitive areas. Learn more here

SecurOS® Cargo automates container recognition at ports and logistic centers, reducing turnaround time and liabilities. Learn more here

The most powerful video and analytics management system in the world

SecurOS™ V.11

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