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SecurOS™ Crossroad — Complex Traffic Violations Detection

SecurOS™ Crossroad is a solution combining specifically engineered hardware and software to provide real time detection of complex types of traffic violations. SecurOS™ Crossroad automatically detects red light violations, stop-sign violations, wrong-way traffic detection, not following road signs, not giving way to pedestrians, and other violations with high accuracy. SecurOS™ Crossroad is powered by SecurOS™ Auto ANPR which ties detected violations to the license plate number of the vehicle.

The primary advantages of SecurOS™ Crossroad:

  • 24/7/365 monitoring of the situation on the roads, which allows to record all cases of violations in the area of video monitoring
  • High accuracy and sufficient set of evidence provided for each case minimize human efforts required for traffic law enforcement activities.
  • Seamless integration into Safe City video surveillance systems.
  • Traffic statistics data can be used in traffic management systems.

SecurOS™ Crossroad is an edge-to-edge solution for traffic violations detection. It combines specialized ruggedized hardware components and software for high precision detection and automatic license plate recognition (ANPR).

The solution is supplied with onboard processing, environmentally protected ready-to-mount cases and built-in illumination. Crossroad system is designed to monitor multiple vehicles and pedestrian behavior at crossroads or in potentially dangerous streets and automatically detect suspected traffic law violations.

Red Light Violation

Driving through red lights, or making an illegal turn on red.

Permitted Zones

Illegal vehicle bypass of closed or closing railroad crossing gates during prohibitory signals.

Designated Lanes

Driving in lanes designated for public transportation, bicycle lanes or pedestrian paths and sidewalks.

Pedestrain Crossing

Vehicles not yielding the right-of-way to pedestrians within a crosswalk.

Driving Against Traffic

Driving detection against traffic or driving in prohibited areas.

Ticketing Integration

Built-in integration capabilities to automate evidence processing by authorities and simplify ticket issuing

Key Applications

Safe CIties

Automatic database registration and saving of video images, date, time, and plate numbers for incoming and outgoing traffic on roadways and highways.

Law Enforcement

Effective tool for law enforcement and other municipalities to stay connected to vehicles of interest flagged within their databases.

Railroad Crossings

Detection of vehicles illegally bypassing of closed or closing railroad crossing gates during prohibitory signals.


Keep pedestrians safe at all city intersections by detecting vehicles violating traffic regulations.

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