SecurOS™ Hand Sanitizing Detection
Intelligent Hand Sanitizing Control System

SecurOS™ Hand Sanitizing Detection is a hardware and software system designed to analyze human behavior related to compliance with the health standards and provides automatic control of hand sanitizing stations. The system can be quickly deployed and easily configured to operate wherever hand sanitizing regulations are in place.

The detection results from multiple systems can be processed by one operator using the specialized SecurOS™ Inspector module for labor protection and industrial safety.


Innovative solution based on neural network algorithms, an expert system, and the modern stereo vision technologies provides exceptional detection accuracy.

Uses Intel® RealSense™ D435i (3D) camera.

Retrieve 3D coordinates of key points (head, shoulders, elbows, hands, etc.) of the human skeleton in the 3D space of the analyzed scene and interpret human behavior.


Sanitary Standards

Enforces compliance with the established sanitary standards.

24/7 Control

Provides continuous control 24/7.

Unattended Operation

Whole process from detecting a violation to statistical processing of the received data and generating reports, is performed automatically — without the involvement of a person.

SecurOS™ Inspector

Works in conjunction with the SecurOS Inspector module, which provides a complete and reliable set of statistical data that can be transformed into reports of the desired types.

Quick and Easy

Quick and easy installation / setup. No need for complicated or time-consuming installation and further maintenance. There is a special calibration mode for quick startup.

Works with SecurOS™ FaceX

Ability to expand the functionality of the solution by incorporating the SecurOS FaceX module with an ACS system using single or multi-factor authentication.

Key Applications


Through proper hand washing to comply with sanitary standards and apply disciplinary actions based on evidence.

Medical facilities, pharmaceutical companies

Optimize the costs of supporting the staff of field inspectors. There is no need to place a supervisor in each detection area.

Business centers

Measure the impact of actions taken and identify further actions to ensure labor protection and business centers safety.

Education facilities

Designed to be used in education facilities, the system makes it possible to automatically monitor the compliance with the established sanitary regulations.