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SecurOS® Helmet Detection
Protective helmet detection based on neural network technologies

In work environments like construction sites, manufacturing plants, and coal mines, maintaining stringent adherence to safety protocols is paramount. This includes the diligent use of personal protective equipment, with the helmet/hardhat being a cornerstone.

Enter the SecurOS® Helmet Detection, a cutting-edge addition to our suite of smart security solutions and video security solutions. This specialized video analytics system plays a pivotal role in monitoring and enhancing industrial safety.

The module leverages advanced safety video analytics and security system solutions. It constantly scans video streams, swiftly identifying individuals and scrutinizing whether they are wearing protective headgear, such as a helmet/hardhat. If the analytics software detects a lapse in adherence, issuing a real-time alarm becomes its immediate action.

These alarms trigger instant notifications, delivering alerts through various channels like email, SMS, audio notifications, and more, ensuring that all necessary personnel, including supervisors, are promptly informed. This is a prime example of how our video analytics software reinforces safety protocols, offering intelligent security and enhancing workplace security system solutions.


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Underlying technology combines several complementary neural network algorithms, which significantly increase the efficiency of the decision by minimizing missed events and false positives.

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System is hardware-agnostic: no specialized cameras are required.

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Module operates on the base of the SecurOS VMS, which provides the ability to link video evidence to all the module alarms. Data from several control areas of the Helmet Detection module can be processed centrally by a single operator.



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Integrated Solutions

Module, in conjunction with other ISS products can be used to create integrated solutions complementing the detection of helmets with facial recognition, ACS integration, people detection during restricted time periods, and more.

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Integration with 3rd-party Systems

Integration with 3rd-party systems does not require significant resources due to the wide range of available APIs.

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SecurOS™ Inspector

Events from the Helmet Detection module can be a data source for the ISS system of automation of production control and behavioral security auditing processes — SecurOS Inspector.

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Regulatory Agency Compliance

Module facilitates with OSHA 1910.135 compliance.

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Supports all Helmet Types

All ANSI Z89.1 compliant helmets and ALL colors supported.

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Advanced Helmet Locator

Module will know if the helmet is not on a person’s head but, for example, in their hand.

Key Applications

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Manufacturing sites

Steady improvement in labor discipline and reduction in the number of industrial violations and accidents causing occupational injuries

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Construction sites

Achieved by reducing the volume of insurance claims, payments of sick leave to victims, court orders, and fines

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Visual inspection and automation of  logistic complex saves time and resources

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Protect all areas within a stadium environment to detect the violation immediately upon the detection of a person without a helmet

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