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SecurOS® MCC (Monitoring and Control Center) allows for the integrated monitoring and management of a complete global security infrastructure from a single command center. Supporting all SecurOS® product tiers (Enterprise, Premium and Professional), MCC’s central management stations can also receive, display, record video and manage events as well integrate all video analytic modules and any externally integrated systems.

The federation capabilities of SecurOS® MCC enables users to scale as needed, be it to tie together just a few sites or hundreds to thousands of globally disparate sites. It also ­provides management of all SecurOS® servers within the virtual network and visualization of all cameras and other devices which are connected to each individual SecurOS® deployment. It further standardizes security procedures and provides automated alarms and actions across an organization’s complete security infrastructure for a much more streamlined workflow and globalization of security operations to make security personnel more productive and better informed.


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Robust Hierarchical Architecture

SecurOS® MCC allows to aggregate data from several Monitoring Centers into a top-level Monitoring Center. Local sites themselves can be globally disparate, of different sizes, and running different editions of SecurOS®.

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Several Data Storage Options

Record video archive to storage of the Monitoring Center AND storage at remote systems simultaneously.

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Analytics Support From Local Sites

Receive all analytics events (Face Recognition, License Plate Recognition, Tracking Kit, etc..) to the MCC server and allow MCC clients to easily view the data from specialized user interfaces.

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Dynamic Use of Network Bandwidth

Network low bandwidth might prevent the ability to record video from remote server cameras, but allows to receive “live” video streams or archive video from any remote security systems. The system enables to receive up to 5,000 remote cameras simultaneously to one MCC server. Subsequently, MCC operators have access to video archive stored at local security systems.

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Easy & Flexible Configuration

An easy manual/automatic update of configuration of monitoring center in case of change of remote system configuration. Possibility to choose certain areas (sections) of local sites to control (for SecurOS® VC/VR Connection).

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Native Video Wall Support

The information displayed on the SecurOS® Smart VideoWall can be managed from any workstation in the Monitoring Center. The SecurOS® MCC GUI is configured to work with SecurOS® Maps, Media Client, and Event Viewer, which allows for a convenient and intuitive way to display information.

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