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SecurOS® Mobile is a mobile client for SecurOS® Video Intelligence Platform that gives security personnel capabilities to monitor video and control cameras on their mobile phones and tablets (iOS and Android™). Operators can easily access live video streams, playback video archive, monitor video analytics events and other types of alarms over Wi-Fi or 4G/5G networks.

SecurOS® Mobile comes with built-in cloud demo server connection for testing and evaluation purposes. For commercial use, you need to have a SecurOS® system installed on your server.

System requirements:

  • SecurOS® Mobile is compatible with SecurOS® Premium, SecurOS® Enterprise, SecurOS® MCC, and appliances running those SecurOS® editions.
  • SecurOS® Mobile requires SecurOS® 9.1 or higher.
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Connect to multiple SecurOS® installations using SecurOS® user credentials.

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Thumbnail view of all available cameras.

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Up to 4 cameras simultaneous view (live or archive video).

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Up to 3 live streams from each camera with automatic switching of the stream depending on network bandwidth available.

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Fast forward and reverse playback with x1 (normal), x2, x4 or x8 speed.

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Frame by frame video playback.

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Portrait and landscape orientation. Full-screen video view in landscape orientation.

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Camera Events view. Access the corresponding moment from the video archive with a single tap. Types of the events to be received are configured in the SecurOS® system.

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Secure HTTPS connection. It is strongly recommended to use trusted SSL certificates.

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