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SecurOS® POS Transaction Monitoring

SecurOS® POS is a software module for the SecurOS® Video Intelligence Platform, which links live video with transaction data from a POS system. It allows search of specific transactions and review of the exact video archive of that transaction. 

SecurOS® POS Transaction Monitoring provides full video documentation on selected transaction IDs, item numbers, terminal numbers, employees, customers, payment details, or stores in any combination you wish. 

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Interconnection with POS systems through serial port or IP.

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Overlay of the transaction text on one or more video images.

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Search for videos associated with transactions.

Features Include

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Business Intelligence

Added toolset for integrated retail surveillance, empowerment of exception reports, and optional shrinkage detection

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Transaction Search

SecurOS® POS can search transaction data by a variety of individual or permutations of multiple search criteria

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Event / Reaction Management

Advanced event/response management including time schedule engine, adjustable thresholds, and alarm capabilities

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Integrated with SecurOS®

Seamlessly works with the SecurOS® Video Intelligence Platform for immediate video evidence for all transaction data

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Access to Advanced Features

Integrate with other analytics to provide complete solution for recognition of known shoplifter and license plate recognition at gas stations

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Hardware-Agnostic System

No specialized cameras or other hardware is required. System is hardware-agnostic

Key Applications

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Retail Stores

Track your daily POS transactions, total sales, revenue numbers, and more using the SecurOS® POS module

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Automate all your local transactions into one central repository in real-time

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SecurOS® POS Monitoring allows any business the ability to tie into their inventory warehouse for real-time order forecasting

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Gas Stations

Easily tie POS transactions from gas station stores to pump areas and integrate the SecurOS® Auto LPR

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