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SecurOS® Premium is designed for mid- to large-scale systems that require advanced video analytics. The platform supports projects of up to 20 servers, 640 cameras, and 20 channels of ISS’ turnkey video analytics. Users can easily add analytics, such as face and license plate recognition, as well as a suite of situational awareness detectors.

Additional features include an extensive API/SDK toolkit for easy third-party system integrations, native failover cluster, and robust user rights management using Microsoft Active Directory / LDAP. SecurOS® Premium boasts our powerful scripting engine (VBScript / JScript), enabling users to create complex system rules, along with an extensive set of cybersecurity features.


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20 Video Server per System

640 Cameras per System

SecurOS® Cluster

SecurOS® Archiver

SecurOS® EdgeStorage Synchronization

2D/3D Multilevel Mapping

Scripts (VB/JScript)

Active Directory / LDAP Support


API / SDK Integration Ports

Access Control Integration

ISS Smart VideoWall


Large Project Deployment

SecurOS® Premium supports up to 20 servers, 640 cameras, and up to 20 channels of ISS’ turnkey video analytics.


Analytics support starts at the Premium level. Most popular analytics include License Plate Recognition, Facial Recognition, Container Number Recognition, Object Tracking / Unattended Object Detection, People Counting, etc.

Hardware / Software Solutions

Premium supports all the ISS hardware/software solutions including license plate recognition camera kit, speeding violation camera kit, intersection violations solution, under vehicle surveillance system, and more.

Native Failover Cluster

SecurOS® native Failover Cluster capabilities include: support of simple 2+1 (2 video servers + 1 failover server) to complex configurations, consisting of dozens of servers; failover of all ISS features including analytics modules; failover operation under 30 seconds; the ability to assign any SecurOS® virtual video server to any physical server.


Premium is built as an open architecture platform that allows integration with third-party systems and devices providing operators with just one complete monitoring system. ISS provides an extensive API/SDK toolkit for easy third-party platform integration.

Event / Scenario Management

Program rules intelligently and dynamically in order to react to real-time events. SecurOS® Premium provides a rules-based engine (scripting and macros) to create system automation for better event management capabilities.

The most powerful video and analytics management system in the world

SecurOS® V.11

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