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Improving pedestrian safety with AI-driven video analytics

A look at how ISS is providing tech that solves real-world challenges in today’s smart cities

Smart city technologies and video analytics, in particular, have rapidly improved in recent years. When leading-edge analytics are added to city monitoring systems, they are able to detect safety and security issues, and trigger an appropriate response, faster and more accurately than ever before. ISS is a global leader in the development and implementation of advanced video analytics and provides these leading-edge technologies to a broad range of markets.

In several areas, ISS has gone beyond monitoring to apply powerful video analytics to solve specific real-world problems more directly. These “hybrid products,” which cannot be offered by analytics-only companies, combine hardware with video analytics software powered by Intel technology to provide powerful intelligent transportation solutions in the real world for cities and municipalities of all sizes.

For example, the SecurOS® Soffit is an intelligent system that escorts pedestrians using AI-driven dynamic illumination to prevent traffic accidents involving people at unregulated crosswalks. It is a hybrid product that combines purpose-specific hardware with powerful analytics software to provide functionality that is not available from either an analytics company or a video or lighting provider. The hardware includes a video camera and a powerful, aimable lighting array that only illuminates the pedestrians and does not blind approaching drivers. The analytics functionality uses the video stream to identify and track the position of pedestrians and directs the lighting array to illuminate the detected pedestrians – escorting them as they cross the street.

Unique, purpose-built solutions such as Soffit are able to incorporate necessary technologies and balance the engineering tradeoffs to deliver significant increases in road safety without the need to purchase unnecessary components. The use of AI algorithms and Intel technologies also provides benefits by accommodating a wide range of conditions and situations while maintaining high performance. The system can be integrated with other road-related analytics systems, and metrics and performance data are collected and can be transmitted to third-party security systems, forming a complete solution.

This intelligent lighting system, and the dynamic illumination it provides, has been proven to draw drivers’ attention to pedestrians, speeding their visual motor response and increasing their ability to brake in time to avoid accidents. This solution is a great example of a beneficial application of AI technology that delivers tangible and significant increases in road safety and reduces the overall number of pedestrian accidents and fatalities. ISS is committed to improving safety and security – contact us if you want to learn more about our purpose-built solutions and our wide range of powerful analytics.

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