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SecurOS® Tracking Kit provides organizations the technology ‘how’ to meet their security ‘why’

Historically, deploying video analytics has been a costly proposition for end users and integrators alike. End users often struggle with the “how” of technology meeting the “why” of their use case. Low accuracy, difficulty in use, and high costs of deployment often stand in the way of effective analytics use. There are also large infrastructure investments that must be made not only in the analytics themselves – typically paid on a per channel basis annually – but also in the equipment necessary to run them.

For integrators, fine tuning hardware and software specifications to meet the requirements of the project can be a time-consuming task, not only during initial setup but also in addressing unforeseen challenges that arise over the course of the project.

And then, of course, there are issues pertaining to accuracy and whether the technology is providing results sufficient for operators to trust alarms generated by the analytics. It is not uncommon to find deployed solutions in the field that perform at accuracy rates of 70% or less, which isn’t exactly a ringing endorsement for something that cost tens of thousands or even hundred of thousands of dollars to install.

To solve this problem, ISS, the pioneer and leading global developer of video intelligence solutions, has developed the SecurOS® Tracking Kit, a suite of video analytic detectors, powered by Intel, that are designed to increase situational awareness for security operators and improve business efficiencies. Leveraging our patented, high-trust analytics, the Tracking Kit, which is also hardware agnostic, can detect up to 10 different behaviors per camera, including: intrusion, object left behind, object removed, loitering, running, smoke, crowds, dwell time, wrong direction, and object counting (people, vehicles, etc.).

The Tracking Kit is a product where “why” meets “how” in terms of accuracy. Users who are choosing analytics often have a very powerful “why” that is often met with the feeling of being let down by low accuracy. For example, in today’s SLED environment, trusting an analytic to provide notifications on loitering and intrusion detection can change the outcome of a potential kidnapping or attack on a school. High accuracy means a high trust operational environment where system operators receive an alert based on the “why” of their purchase of analytics and can react quickly. The detectors in the Tracking Kit allow end users to create this proactive environment in their operations center.

Once deployed, these detectors will allow security personnel to search for events based on object type, color, region of interest, time interval, as well as a number of other filters. ISS also provides databasing and dashboarding of analytic data to help customers understand various trends occurring throughout their organizations as well as to analyze security incidents.

Additionally, all the Tracking Kit detectors integrate seamlessly with our SecurOS® Unifier solution to facilitate decision management and enable security personnel to quickly process and respond to events. The Tracking Kit can also be combined with the SecurOS® GIS module to provide mapping of alarms to help operators pinpoint the location of different incidents within an organization’s physical footprint.

All of our analytics are sold with a perpetual license along with an optional software maintenance agreement (SMA) that can be purchased separately for those who wish to receive ongoing support and software updates.

For more information about ISS and our SecurOS® Tracking Kit module, contact us via email at You can also request a demo by visiting

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