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SecurOS™ Tracking Kit — Situational Video Analytics

The SecurOS™ Tracking Kit is an ISS video analytics module that provides a suite of advanced video analytics detectors designed to increase situational awareness for operators.

The Tracking Kit detectors streamline operator efficiencies by not requiring constant monitoring of controlled areas; improving event processing, monitoring / controlling several locations without impacting the security staff.

detectors include:

Use of helmets within security areas.

Smoke inside facilities.

Detects objects / packages left behind

Loitering - detects people moving within a controlled area during a long period of time

Crowd - detects large groups of people in open areas and premises providing an early warning of public unrest and disorder

Intrusion - detects objects that intersect the perimeter of a restricted area

Object Counter - detects and counts objects that intersect a control line (e.g., people, vehicles)

Running -  detects people moving at a speed exceeding a predefined value

Dwell Time - detects objects in a defined zone that remain beyond a duration threshold

Line Crossing - detects objects that cross from one side of a specified line to another

Wrong Direction - detects objects that moves in a direction that is outside the defined trajectory zone


technology overview

Programmable Logic Event Processing

Provides ability to automate a large variety of routine operations, performed consistently in high volume - 24x7.

Cutting Edge Video Analytics

Uses advanced Neural Network algorithms for object tracking, foreground extraction, sudden lighting changes and much more

Minimize False Positives or Missed Events

Maintaining advanced settings for each control zone and operating conditions.

Built Into ISS VMS Platform

Runs on the ISS SecurOS™ platform providing video evidence for all detected events.

Object Classification

Supports classification of objects: people, vehicles and animals

Hardware-Agnostic System

No specialized cameras or other hardware is required. System is hardware-agnostic.

Key Applications

Parking / Pedestrian Zones

Detect loitering behavior in parking areas to prevent theft or harm to individuals


People counting helps retail facilities allocate metrics to important marketing information

Public Squares

Crowd detection allows security personnel to quickly identify gatherings of large groups in order to stay proactive

Airports / Metro

Helps security keep an eye for any suspicious objects left behind in public areas such as airports, subway platforms or stations