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SecurOS® UVSS: An Elite Technology for Vehicle Checkpoints

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Revolutionary vehicle undercarriage scanning solution has quickly become the security checkpoint screening technology of choice across the Middle East

The SecurOS® Under-Vehicle Surveillance System (UVSS) from Intelligent Security Systems (ISS) is a revolutionary product for scanning, inspecting, and digitally recording the underside of vehicles with a high-resolution and high-frame-rate machine vision camera. From its compact and aesthetically pleasing form factor to its powerful and efficient software, the UVSS has emerged as the market leading solution for vehicle inspection applications.

In the two years since it was first introduced to the Middle East market, the SecurOS® UVSS has become the security checkpoint technology of choice for a wide range of end users. With its unique combination of features, the UVSS has significantly improved the undercarriage inspection process via the power of automated, artificial intelligence (AI)-powered video analytics.

UVSS System Architecture

The UVSS platform consists of a high-resolution machine vision camera with high-frame frequency. Twelve white light LED cameras and a 3D magnifying glass provide a complete view of possible threats and produce a 3D-colored, high-resolution map of the underside of the vehicle in real time.

The wide angle of the UVSS camera provides operators with the ability to visually inspect the undercarriage of the vehicles, in detail, in less than three seconds. The high-resolution images identify any foreign objects by circling them with an orange area while simultaneously activating an audio-visual alarm.


Further unique features of the UVSS include the ability to use a purpose-built 3D magnifying glass, which enables the operator to look from different sides into any hidden cavities of the underbody of the vehicle. Detection and recognition of license plates, faces, and multi-factor verification with additional systems enables the operator to perform a comprehensive inspection of vehicles as reliably and efficiently as possible, thus reducing inspection times.

The UVSS platform is connected to a powerful controller where the power of modern computing and intelligent video analytics, along with elements of AI, reside. It is also where high-quality images of vehicle undercarriages are generated in high resolution and any suspicious anomalies are detected. Suspicion maps (visual and magnetic – a unique ISS features) as well as a sliding zoom and the aforementioned 3D magnifying glass (again, a unique ISS feature) are available to the operator, enabling them to quickly find and identify any anomalies.

Additionally, the SecurOS® ecosystem enables customers to use the full range of ISS analytics and integrate with third-party systems, turning UVSS deployments into intelligent checkpoints that integrate all engineering systems into a single control center. These unique ISS features have made our model a favorite amongst end users.

The Road Ahead

The SecurOS® UVSS has become the under-vehicle surveillance system of choice in the “third wave” of advanced security solutions currently sweeping through the Middle East. The system, which is patent protected, has been a major improvement over prior legacy technologies in terms of effectiveness, speed and ease of implementation.

Notably, the ISS system was chosen at the end of last year to protect all 8 stadiums and fan zones of the high-profile FIFA World Cup tournament in Qatar. In the UAE and Saudi Arabia, the UVSS has already been adopted by the UAE Army, Dubai Prison, Moro Hub, the digital arm of Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA), ZATCA (the Saudi tax and customs authority), KAPSARC and the Alsalam Royal Palace in Jeddah.

Recently, ISS and Saudi-based Advanced Electronics Company – AEC, an acknowledged forerunner in the design, manufacture, sale and repair of diverse electronics and ICT products and systems, formally signed an agreement to manufacture the SecurOS® UVSS at AEC’s facilities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, meeting not just significant public and private Saudi demand for the UVSS, but also the export markets of the GCC and beyond.

For those looking to the future, the choice is clear – SecurOS® UVSS from ISS.

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