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Growing threats and technology advancements drive the UTSS market applications

As global unrest continues to fester and the threat of domestic terrorism is now considered the number one risk to the United States by both the Department of Homeland Security and the country’s other intelligence agencies, the detection of explosives has emerged as a key risk mitigation element. Security professionals understand that the undercarriage of a vehicle is an important threat vector to address when looking to prevent terrorist activities. And while manual inspections by guards have been the norm for decades, particularly in areas outside of static checkpoints, the evolving threats and evolving technologies have resulted in new options for undercarriage inspections.

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Integrated safety in every road

SecurOS UTSS is a highly efficient hardware-software based system for remote under-train surveillance with simultaneous train carriage characters (numbers) recognition.

High-quality images generated of the train’s bogies, which allows the operator to easily identify objects that are not components of the undercarriage

Automated visual inspection of all types of trains:

  • Passenger carriages
  • Freight wagons
  • Low-sided cars
  • Railroads hopper car
  • Reservoir trucks
  • Flat wagons

Key components

  • Comprehensive Applications: The UTSS system addresses critical challenges across several industries, offering solutions for customs control, border management, airport and sea port security, railway infrastructure, construction sites, industrial enterprises, and logistics. Its ability to detect explosives, prohibited items, and structural damages makes it an indispensable tool for maintaining safety and security.

  • Key Components and Installation: The UTSS’s compact design allows for easy installation without disrupting railway tracks. Its unique platform, positioned between railway sleepers, is optimized to reduce vibration from passing trains, ensuring stable and high-quality imaging. The system also features an additional backlight for wheel pair sensing, facilitating wagon separation and identification.

  • Technical Specifications: The UTSS boasts a lightweight scanning camera housed in an aluminum alloy chassis, capable of operating in extreme temperatures ranging from -40°F to +140°F. Its design ensures durability and reliability under various environmental conditions.

  • Unique Advantages: Beyond its technical prowess, the UTSS system is praised for its easy maintenance, integration capabilities, and high-quality imaging that remains consistent regardless of train speed. The system’s advanced data handling supports efficient foreign object detection and allows for comprehensive undercarriage scanning, supporting train speeds up to 15 mph with patented image correction and stitching technologies.


  • Undercarriage image is saved together with respective recognized train car number allowing for later searches and analysis.
  • SecurOS UTSS can save undercarriage scans of a particular train car as a reference image to use for comparison when the train car appears again for FOD (Foreign Object Detection).


  • The scanning camera is protected with an anti-vandal dome.
    The UTSS-platform electronic components are protected from dust, moisture and physical influences.
  • The SecurOS UTSS designed for round the clock and year-round operation.


  • SecurOS UTSS provides a complete colored image of the train’s undercarriage.
  • Supports train car speeds up to 15 mph (25 km/h).

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