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Video Intelligence Digest: A Monthly Roundup of all things ISS

Innovative AI Technologies: ISS's Video Analytics for Safer Environments.

Note: This new monthly blog series will provide a brief overview of our latest company news, upcoming events, training schedule, and more to keep you up to date on current product offerings and capabilities, as well as what we are doing to address specific video intelligence needs within the different vertical markets in which we operate.

ISS Welcomes Charles Burns

Charles Burns, who previously served as Vice President of Security for the NFL’s Miami Dolphins and as Vice President of Security and Risk Management for the Cleveland Cavaliers, recently joined the ISS team as Director of Commercial Facilities. With more than 20 years of experience as a security executive, Charles will work to drive increased adoption of our AI-powered video intelligence solutions in stadiums, arenas, convention centers, and other large-scale commercial facilities throughout North America. Read the full press release here.

Presight and ISS Host Forum at IDB Annual Meeting

ISS, in partnership with big data analytics firm Presight, hosted an educational forum last month at the Interamerican Development Bank’s annual meeting in the Dominican Republic. The event, which convened a lineup of distinguished guests and subject matter experts, focused on the evolving challenges posed by financial crimes throughout Latin America and the Caribbean. Learn more here.    

Upcoming Events

  • April 9th: Webinar: Revolutionizing Traffic Management – An Introduction to SecurOS® ITS. Join us as we discuss our AI-powered technologies and how they are transforming safety and efficiency on the nation’s roadways. Come explore how smart technologies are revolutionizing the Intelligent transportation industry. A $100 Amazon gift card will be given away to one lucky attendee who watches the webinar in its entirety. Register here.  
  • April 10-12th: ISC West – If you’ll be in Las Vegas for ISC West, be sure to drop by the Intel Demo Showcase in Titian 2201 A/B for a chance to see our latest video intelligence offerings, including a demo of our new Motus Pro camera line for ITS and LPR applications along with our offerings for healthcare, commercial facilities, critical infrastructure, and more. Book an appointment with us here.
  • April 23-25: ITS America – ISS will be joining other industry leaders to unveil groundbreaking innovations and discussions around advancements in the transportation industry. ISS will look to demonstrate how our products and platform using video intelligence and AI can continue to push changes throughout the marketplace. Book a meeting here.
  • April-29-May 1: IAHSS Annual Conference and Exhibition – Our very own Scott McGinnis will be in Orlando later this month for this annual event that brings security and safety executives from the healthcare industry together to learn about ongoing challenges in the sector as well as the latest technologies. Book a meeting with Scott to learn more about SecurOS® STAT, our custom suite of video intelligence solutions designed to address the needs of the healthcare market.

New Trainings Announced

  • SecurOS® Sales Training: Dive into the future of security technology with our exclusive Sales Training Program, designed to offer an in-depth exploration of our SecurOS® Video Intelligence Platform. This training is your gateway to mastering the latest in video intelligence technology, understanding its applications, and leveraging the powerful features of the SecurOS® platform to meet and exceed your security needs. SecurOS® Sales Training will be held on May 14th and June 12th at 3 p.m. ET. Register here.  
  • SecurOS® Type I Training and Certification: Type I (admin, operator) classes, which take place over the course of two full days (16 hours total), serve as our introduction to the SecurOS® Video Intelligence Platform and cover a multitude of topics, including: system design, system architecture, software installation, administration/basic configuration, user interface, hardware overview, and SecurOS® client options. Type 1 trainings will take place on May 1-2 and again on June 19-20. Sign up here.
  • SecurOS® Type II Training and Certification: Type II (admin, operator and analytics) courses, which also take place over two days, include all the aforementioned topics of Type I training plus an in-depth introduction to our AI-powered video analytics, including: SecurOS® Auto, SecurOS® FaceX, SecurOS® Tracking Kit, and SecurOS® Soffit. Type II trainings will take place on May 15-16 and June 19-20. Register here.  

In the News

  • Stadium Security: Safety at the Big Game – Charles Burns, Director of Commercial Facilities, ISS, discusses how stadiums are embracing emerging tech like AI to keep fans safe in the March issue of Security Journal Americas. Read the full article.
  • Can AI Reverse Security’s Declining Margins? – Matt Powell, Managing Director, North America, ISS, examines how repurposing and expanding video surveillance infrastructure may be the key to long-term success for the industry. Read the article here.

Vertical Market Spotlight:  Critical Infrastructure

Artificial intelligence (AI) and automation solutions are playing an ever-increasing role in safeguarding critical infrastructure. These essential systems—ranging from power grids and transportation networks to manufacturing and logistics systems—form the backbone of our society. As we navigate an increasingly interconnected world, integrating AI becomes crucial for enhancing resilience, efficiency, and security within critical infrastructure.

Predictive Analytics and Resilience: ISS leverages predictive analytics to analyze historical data, human behavior, and operational patterns. By identifying potential vulnerabilities before they escalate, ISS can proactively address any potential violations or safety issues. This functionality ensures that facilities remain operational, minimizing downtime, due to threats or regulatory compliance concerns.

Real-Time Monitoring and Threat Detection: AI-powered sensors and cameras continuously monitor critical sites. These systems detect anomalies, unauthorized access, or abnormal behavior. For instance, ISS facial recognition identifies intruders, while our under-vehicle surveillance system, SecurOS® UVSS, scans for hidden threats. Additionally, we analyze network traffic, identify suspicious patterns, and detect threats in real time.

Adaptive Responses and Decision Support: Automated incident responses are triggered when events occur. For example, during an incident, SecurOS® Unifier can dynamically adjust security protocols to counter threats. Moreover, we provide decision-support systems, recommending optimal actions during emergencies. Human operators benefit from actionable insights, ensuring effective responses in a wide array of different sectors, such as energy, transportation, healthcare and various other facilities around the world.

AI is certainly not a magic bullet, but it is a powerful tool for securing critical infrastructure locations. Responsible adoption, collaboration between public and private sectors, and ongoing research are essential to harness AI’s potential effectively. As we build smarter, more resilient infrastructure, AI will play a central role in safeguarding our societies, and ISS should always be in the conversation when there are things to learn about your customer’s environment.


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