Water and electrical facilities, nuclear energy sites, factories and many other related sectors have all come to rely heavily on video surveillance as an essential part of their security. The all-in-one solutions of ISS, which entail both video management and video analytic software, address many of the pain points that are involved in this complex security scenario.

A multitude of integrated solutions, including video management (VMS), license plate recognition (ANPR/LPR), facial recognition, and container number recognition, can all be deployed in tandem to form a security blanket around critical infrastructure sites. Video alerts can address both security and safety concerns before they become a problem. At the industrial level, surveillance can also be used to monitor productivity.

Whether its concerns on the industrial front or areas like the national energy grid, water supplies and nuclear sites on the homeland security side, government and corporate leaders worldwide demand proactive video surveillance solutions to address security concerns. The all-in-one solutions of ISS have proven success in this arena.

Easy integration with other solutions, such as Building Management Systems (BMS), life safety, biometrics, and access control, improves the overall security process. SecurOS Solutions have proven success with Industry, Energy and National Infrastructure deployments.

The end result has been reduced theft and greater safety in many different projects around the world. In addition, automated security features have substantially reduced cargo processing times in the industrial realm. Centralized monitoring capabilities reduce overall security costs with the ability to virtually patrol several facilities at once.



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SecurOS™ V.11