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The transportation industry faces multifaceted challenges across various types of facilities and o perations ranging from publicly accessed rail stations, airports, and ports to behind-the-scenes logistics operations. The unique needs of each venue and operation requires myriad physical security safeguards to ensure the safety and security of people, property, and assets. In most instances, security system deployments at transportation facilities include some combination of video surveillance, perimeter protection, identity management, access control, fire and intrusion alarm, as well as other longstanding security. And while all of the aforementioned systems continue to evolve and improve over time, none has evolved as quickly and with such a significant impact as AI-driven video analytics.

Intelligent video analytics continue to trend and play an increasingly important role at transportation facilities around the globe for a wide range of traditional security and new business intelligence applications. Beyond conventional video analytics like motion detection, object counting and tracking, the  implementation of more sophisticated and powerful video analytics have the power to deliver a much more proactive solution to help identify and prevent incidents from occurring, as well as for business intelligence applications that help improve operations and efficiencies. For purposes of this conversation, lets focus on four innovative analytics solutions with specific benefits for the transportation industry: facial recognition, license plate recognition, under vehicle video surveillance cargo and train carriage recognition

Facial Recognition:

Although facial recognition analytics have been around for several years, initial deployments fell short of expectations on many fronts. New facial recognition solutions like SecurOS™ FaceX employ advanced Artificial Neural Network (ANN) technology from Intel to deliver extraordinary identification and authentication accuracy under a wide condition, including varying lighting conditions, which enables deployment outdoors. Another significant achievement is the ability to accurately identify and match multiple facial records simultaneously, even when the facial images are captured at obscure angles. In addition, factors such as eyeglasses, different haircuts, facial hair, headwear, and aging, do not impact the high degree of recognition accuracy. Advanced facial recognition solutions like SecurOS™ FaceX also seamlessly accommodate an infinite number of facial record databases and watchlists which is ideally suited for use at international transportation hubs that may utilize multiple data sources to match facial records.

The global pandemic has also stimulated the need for organizations around the world to implement new processes and solutions to help reopen facilities so they can resume commerce, employment, and education.  Many facilities are looking to contactless access solutions to minimize contact with shared devices and limit possible exposure to harmful contagions. In addition to providing a touchless access control and credentialing solution, FaceX also provides elevated body temperature detection to automatically measure individuals’ body surface temperature, as well as face mask detection to automatically detect the presence or absence of face masks, which are increasingly required for admission into various facilities. When integrated with access control, these features can be programmed to trigger a multitude events, including locking/opening doors, sounding alarms, playing pre-recorded warning messages, announcing the names of individuals entering an area, and for contact tracing.  The list of options is almost endless making facial recognition a multi-purpose security, health safety and workforce management tool across the enterprise.

License Plate Recognition:

Tracking and identifying large volumes of visitor, fleet and service vehicles is another longstanding challenge across the transportation industry. One specific need has been the ability to capture and identify license plates at high speeds. This is especially pertinent at transportation facilities such as airports where traffic can build very quickly, eliminating the option of impeding traffic flow to implement automated license plate recognition (LPR).  Solutions like SecurOS™ Auto License Plate Recognition (LPR/ANPR) overcomes this challenge with the ability to accurately capture license plates at extremely high speeds – up to 155 mph (250 km/h) – and in all weather conditions, including fog, rain, and snow.

Another legacy issue with conventional LPR analytics is the ability to distinguish between letters, numbers, and shapes such as Arabic symbols, precluding the use of the technology in many global regions.  SecurOS™ Auto uses advanced deep learning and template-based algorithms to provide pinpoint accuracy that distinguishes various characters, so that an “8” is not mistaken for a “B”, providing a significant advantage in high traffic environments such as boarding areas, parking facilities, delivery areas and more.

Under Vehicle Surveillance:

Visual inspection of all types of vehicles, from passenger vehicles to delivery trucks, represents a critical layer of security that’s required at all forms of transportation facilities. However, the ability to inspect the undercarriages of vehicles is typically an expensive personnel-intensive task.  SecurOS™ Under Vehicle Surveillance System (UVSS) provides an accurate and highly efficient way to automatically screen vehicles as they enter a facility without impeding traffic flow. The system’s unique combination of imaging hardware and intelligent analytics captures images of a vehicle’s  entire underbody and analyzes the image data to detect anomalies such as explosives or contraband that may be affixed to the vehicle.

The innovative solution’s compact design measures just over 4.5-inches high, allowing for extremely low vehicle clearance. Its low profile and lightweight also makes installation easy and portable, enabling mobile deployment to accommodate special events that may require heightened security. The UVSS housing is also designed to withstand loads of up to 40 tons, making it ideal for transportation locations frequented by heavy vehicles like trucks and busses.  

Cargo and Train Carriage Recognition:

The ability to track, identify and locate cargo containers on ships, trains and airplanes is a logistical mandate that is both labor and technology intensive. With the development of an intelligent video analytics applications called SecurOS™ Cargo, transportation officials now have a powerful tool to help them perform this task automatically using advanced algorithms for the recognition of codes on cargo containers.  This unique solution provides several unprecedented advantages, including the ability to recognize codes on cargo containers from numerous sides to dramatically improve throughput and turnaround time, reduce liability, and better locate and track containers in large facilities. The automated cargo container recognition solution can also integrate facial and license plate recognition, enabling a holistic cargo container tracking and reporting solution.

We’ve only scratched the surface on how these four highlighted AI-driven analytics can improve security, health safety, workforce management, and logistics operations at transportation facilities. We welcome the opportunity for our team of transportation technology experts to discuss your facility’s challenges and needs, and which combination of intelligent analytics are most appropriate for your specific application. We look forward to hearing from you. Just click here to contact us today

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