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Growing threats and technology advancements drive the UVSS market applications

As global unrest continues to fester and the threat of domestic terrorism is now considered the number one risk to the United States by both the Department of Homeland Security and the country’s other intelligence agencies, the detection of explosives has emerged as a key risk mitigation element. Security professionals understand that the undercarriage of a vehicle is an important threat vector to address when looking to prevent terrorist activities. And while manual inspections by guards have been the norm for decades, particularly in areas outside of static checkpoints, the evolving threats and evolving technologies have resulted in new options for undercarriage inspections.

As security threats become more complex and the technology acumen of bad guys more sophisticated, the traditional approach of spot-checking the underside of a subset of vehicles using ineffective mirrors and other outdated technologies to sniff out contraband, or other contaminates is being replaced by camera-based Under Vehicle Surveillance Systems that can automatically capture complete images of every vehicle’s undercarriage so threats can be easily identified and analyzed. Using these new systems, every vehicle entering a facility that holds sensitive data or has increased security needs can eliminate ineffective manual inspections by implementing artificial intelligence-backed security systems and letting security personnel focus on vehicle interiors, passenger behaviors, and other factors.

The UVSS Market is Expanding as Applications Grow

The data bears out the increased importance of Under Vehicle Surveillance Systems. According to a new research report released in October 2020, the global Under Vehicle Surveillance Systems market was USD 6.9 Billion in 2019 and is anticipated to reach USD 12.8 Billion by 2026, at a CAGR of 10.84% during the forecast period. The report says the “demand for vehicle surveillance systems is rising globally. The major factors driving the market growth are the increasing importance of security and safety and a wide range of benefits of under vehicle surveillance systems. Additionally, the rising penetration of vehicle surveillance, especially in developing countries, is anticipated to propel the market growth further.”

While the expansion of global markets is driving the growth of UVSS technology, it is also the diversity of potential and existing markets like border customs stations, airports, embassies, sporting events, government agencies and military bases, along with more advanced technology integration that increases the value of UVSS. Depending on the system, images of the vehicle’s undercarriage can be stored for later viewing or can be manipulated for closer inspection while the vehicle is detained.

Other systems have also integrated license plate recognition (LPR) software that can identify stolen or suspect vehicles and help security personnel monitor suspected changes to the undercarriage of a returning vehicle. There have also been a variety of security add-ons such as external scene cameras to help personnel better detect, deter and communicate potential threats, while other systems feature network integration that allows the facility to access and use data from perimeter choke-points for broader applications such as resource planning.

The Intelligent Security Systems UVSS Solution

ISS recently launched its hardware-software based system for under-vehicle surveillance to meet the growing needs of this diverse market. The system creates a database of high-resolution undercarriage images and recognized vehicle license plates, making it ideal for numerous venues where underground parking or structured parking facilities are utilized. Unlike makeshift under-vehicle surveillance deployments, the ISS SecurOS UVSS can monitor vehicles with high precision and can be deployed virtually out of the box. Moreover, it is a cost-effective and convenient solution for visual inspection of all types of vehicles: from passenger vehicles to trucks, trailers and trains. It is a perfect solution for government, military, country borders, corporate, and transportation facilities – wherever particular vehicle monitoring is required.

Other differentiating features include: automatic vehicle presence detection; automatic comparison of a vehicle’s undercarriage image with reference images stored in the user’s database; simultaneous display of live and archived video from all cameras; built-in machine vision camera; corresponding ISS LPR/ANPR cameras; and interoperability with integrated security and access control systems, traffic lights, barriers, electronic displays and third-party systems. The advanced under vehicle detection can help streamline inspection process and inspections can easily be conducted during the day or at night. The SecurOS UVSS has a low energy consumption of only 30 watts and its platform weight is approximately 29lbs.


Implementing a UVSS system allows for more consistent and more complete inspections of every passing vehicle while eliminating the physical threat to the human and the potential for human-attention-fatigue. By replacing the error-prone, outdated undercarriage inspection methods, security staff can focus on the passengers, vehicle interior, or other important factors that will increase facility safety and security.

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