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SecurOS™ Covid Response

Plan for a Safe Return to Work

Creating a safe environment is at the top of everyone’s mind as we prepare to open facilities again. Measures must be taken to protect those going back to work; to help keep them and their families free from harm. ISS is a global manufacturer of video analytics that is leading the charge in developing solutions geared to today’s new standards, especially when it comes to returning to work safely. ISS is combining its top-tier video analytics, access control, and thermal sensor integration for a holistic approach to protecting your building occupants from transmission of COVID-19.

Uniquely, several independent, but related concerns can be managed via ISS solutions bundles. Those bundles can then be combined to form comprehensive solutions to enable employers to bring their people back to work, with more protection from the worries of on-the-job disease transmission:

  • Is anyone entering your facility with an elevated temperature?
  • Are face masks being used by those who enter?
  • How can you prevent contamination by eliminating the need to touch your existing access control system?

ISS offers the complete solution to address those major concerns with the use of their robust SecurOS™ platform.

Non-Contact Elevated Skin Temperature Monitoring:

Thermal cameras alerts are enhanced via the SecurOS complex event processing engine to ensure all connected subsystems are optimized to provide staff the information needed and actions are enabled automatically. Doors may be locked. Custom audio announcements may be made. And information may be provided to user screens, emails, or SMS text alerts.

Face Mask Detection:

SecurOS detects the presence or absence of a mandatory face mask as people enter your facility and provides alerts based on established Standard Operating Procedures. That may include locking doors, sounding custom audio alerts, activating lights, providing desktop notices, or many other configurable actions.

Touch-less Credential for Access Control:

Using a person’s face as their credential via facial recognition ensures the person is not touching anything and is much safer in regards to disease transmission. It also provides a much faster entry as there is no more fumbling to find your access card. SecurOS™ FaceX can integrate to virtually any existing access control system (ACS).

Features Include

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Multiple Cameras

Able to handle alerts from multiple cameras. Create reactions in real-time that can be visual, audio or physical (unlock/lock doors)

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Increased Accuracy

Increased accuracy of alerts due to the ability to isolate faces using face detection.

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Multiple Subsystem Control

SecurOS complex event processing engine provides event reactions from multiple subsystem control

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Thermal Readings

Guaranteed thermal readings are from ONLY the face reading and not other areas in the camera’s scene

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Monitor for Face Masks

If face masks are required, SecurOS can automatically monitor for their presence and alert if they are absent

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Forensic Search

Skin temperatures are associated to the person and that person may be easily found within the building using robust forensic search tools

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