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Introducing SecurOS MVP from ISS, the leading-edge video intelligence solution revolutionizing security at live sporting events and entertainment venues. In a world where fan behavior and security threats are on the rise, our AI-powered video analytics offer unparalleled insights and proactive risk mitigation tools for venue security managers.

Experience increased situational awareness and behavior detection with our state-of-the-art analytics suite. SecurOS MVP is your key to unlocking the true potential of data-driven security. Request a demo today to see how we can enhance your security operations and protect your venue like never before.

Our advanced technology, backed by years of AI expertise, allows for comprehensive surveillance and detection capabilities. From identifying fighting incidents and vandalism to detecting fallen persons and unauthorized individuals, SecurOS MVP ensures heightened security and safety protocols.


Fighting Detection:
Accurately identify and mitigate fights.

Vandalism Detection:
Receive instant alerts on vandalism incidents.

Fallen Person Detection:
Early warnings of people needing medical aid or causing disruptions.

Prohibited Persons Detection:
Enhance security and fan experiences.

Under Vehicle Surveillance:
Detect hidden threats under vehicles.

Parking Management:
Streamline parking with analytics and LPR.


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“ISS’s undercarriage technology enhances security by removing the human factor from the screening process and increasing visual accuracy”
Ellis D. Stafford - ISS Video Intelligent Solutions partnership
Ellis D. Stafford
Safety & Security Director for NRG Park

Our products

Elevate situational awareness with the SecurOS® Tracking Kit, an analytics module from ISS that enables end users to leverage multiple analytic detectors within a single camera. Streamlining efficiency, its advanced detectors reduce the need for constant monitoring, enhance event processing, and provide seamless control of multiple locations.


Discover precision facial capture and recognition with SecurOS® FaceX from ISS. Seamlessly integrated with access control systems, it offers hands-free access with anti-spoofing technology and cost-effective processing.

The SecurOS® Auto LPR/ANPR module from ISS delivers unparalleled accuracy at speeds up to 155 mph, even in challenging environmental conditions, such as rain, fog, and snow. With advanced algorithms, global license plate support, and seamless integration, it’s your reliable choice for cutting-edge license plate recognition.

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